15 Funnel Hacking Tips: Increase Conversions

In this blog post, we will discuss 15 funnel hacking tips that have been proven to increase conversions and revenue. Funnel hacking is a term coined by Neil Patel who says “Funnels work like magic. They are one of the best ways to get people to take action.” We’ll be going over how you can use these tips for your website or business in order to increase conversions, which will lead to more revenue!

Funnel hacking tips

What is funnel hacking? – A definition

Funnel hacking is a term coined by Russell Brunson, who says “funnels work like magic. They are one of the best ways to get people to take action.” Funnel Hacking involves looking at different points in your funnel and figuring out how you can use those points more effectively in order to increase conversions. For example, when someone lands on your homepage, they may not know what product or service you offer so it’s important for them to understand that as soon as possible.

That way, if they don’t find what they want then there’s no point in further investigating your site because their needs won’t be met. There’s also an opportunity for targeting ads towards these visitors while they’re still on the page! So funnel hacking is about maximizing conversions by improving every stage of your funnel.

Introduction: Funnels work like magic. They are one of the best ways to get people to take action, and they’re a really easy way for businesses to figure out what their customers want most from them while also showing how much they value those same customers!

That’s why it’s important for all marketers- whether or not you specialize in conversion optimization-to have an understanding of funnels and know that these tools can be used universally across many different industries as well as with a variety of marketing tactics! In this post, I’ll cover 15 awesome tips on how you can use funnel hacking strategies successfully in your business, so let me get to it!

Tip Number One:

Let’s talk about your landing page- this is one of the most important pages on your website, and probably were a lot of people are going to first interact with you because they’re trying to learn more about what you do. If you’ve created an awesome offer that’ll make their lives better, then step number one in funnel hacking is finding out how to attract those visitors into becoming leads.

The easiest way?

Make sure your lead magnet (i.e., freebie) matches up nicely with what they came for! So if someone wanted tips on saving money using coupons but instead received information on writing a novel…they won’t be happy campers when they hit unsubscribe or close their tab.

Tip Number two:

Use the power of a landing page. – Clickfunnels is a highly recommended software!

  • When people visit your website, they’re not ready to buy anything yet – instead, create a landing page with that sole focus in mind by posting specific information about what it is you want them to purchase and why
  • Use compelling copy on your site or blog post titles to increase conversions.
  • Use a call to action button such as “Shop Now” or “Get Yours Today”. Show the benefits they will receive by clicking on your desired product and having them create an account.
  • Creating urgency is another way to increase conversions. Limit supply, show limited availability of products, offer special discounts for a specific time frame, or even showing that it’s their last chance before stock runs out!
  • Remember that people don’t often buy something because of your product they need a reason to justify the purchase. The more reasons you can provide them, the better chance you have at increasing conversions!
  • Provide valuable information about what it is you want them to purchase. This could be an article on how to use your products or why they should invest in your company’s services. Whatever resonates with their needs will work best.
  • Use compelling copy on your site or blog post titles to increase conversion rates by enticing visitors into reading further about whatever it is you’re selling through clever words like “secret,” “easy”.

Tip Number three:

  • Create an email follow-up sequence for the customers who purchase your product.
  • Send them each of these emails: one day after they buy, a week later, and then two weeks after purchase.

Tip Number four:

Include a testimonial on your landing page

  • A testimonials section is often overlooked by many marketers, but this can be one of the most powerful tools for conversions. It’s important to have user-generated content in order to give potential customers an idea that they are not alone and others feel similarly to them.

This does two things:

  • It helps to provide social proof that your product/service is worth buying.
  • Many marketers have found a direct correlation between having testimonials and higher conversion rates as it provides reassurance for potential customers

I recommend using video testimonials if you can, but at a minimum include real quotes from legitimate users on your landing page.

  • If you are having trouble getting testimonials from customers, try using a tool like UserVoice. You can use this free service to gather feedback and solicit customer input with ease

It’s important for your landing page to be mobile friendly as well

Some of the most popular pages include CrazyEgg, LiveChat, Pixlr, Optimizely, and Survey Monkey.

Tip Number five:

A high-quality domain name can also help with conversions because it helps create trust between the company and the customer. It has been shown in studies that consumers are more likely to purchase products from sites when they see that they have invested money into their site by purchasing a higher-quality domain name.

This is why companies like Google invest so much money into creating partnerships with top universities for example, such as Harvard University (HarvardGoogle). And this does not just apply to large corporations like Google; if you are an individual looking to start your own business website then investing some extra time in choosing a better domain will pay off too!

Tip Number six:

Add social media icons as a part of your pop-ups.

– If someone is on the blog post you’re promoting, they might share it with their followers and friends

– Having an icon that reminds them to do so makes things easier for them

– It’s also worth noting that if this conversion doesn’t happen, there’s no cost involved – in other words, everything about adding these buttons is free.

– They might not do so every time they’re on the blog post, but they’ll still be able to share it with a couple of people.

Tip Number seven:

– Build a funnel with an introduction and call to action that is relevant for your audience. For example, if you’re trying to sell a product for dog owners, then the landing page should introduce dogs and discuss how they can train their dogs using your app. You need to make sure it’s easy to understand what the benefits are of downloading or buying this thing so people will want it without being too pushy about it.

Tip Number nine:

– Encourage visitors on social media posts by offering them giveaways in exchange for following, liking, or commenting on your post! This helps boost awareness about new products/services which makes more sales as well as increasing engagement among followers who feel appreciated when receiving freebies from brands they like.

– Use these posts to promote your blog post and encourage engagement with the content.

– Promote your social media profiles by mentioning them on all other networks you’re active in. You can also add a link/button at the bottom of each post for followers to follow you if they want more information about what’s coming up next!

Tip Number ten:

Encourage visitors: Offer giveaways, increase engagement among followers who feel appreciated when receiving freebies from brands they like

Use these posts to promote new products or services which make sales as well as increasing awareness about that product or service which leads to conversions. Encourage friends and family members through word of mouth so others will be able to use this app too!

Tip Number eleven:

Have a sense of urgency on your landing pages!

People have short attention spans and are always looking for the next best thing. That’s why there needs to be some sort of urgency in your message that encourages them to act now. This could include having limited-time sales, product scarcity or running out of inventory soon, discounts on items you have left (e.g., buy one get one free), etc., so they know it won’t last long if they don’t make their purchase decision right away.

Tip Number twelve:

Optimize the Funnel

A funnel is a marketing process that converts prospects into customers. It does this by sequentially guiding them through whatever actions are necessary to complete their desired conversion goal (e.g., buying a product).

Optimizing your funnels means optimizing each step of the process, based on where users are dropping out and how they could be converted into more sales or leads; what’s working well for you now may not work in six months when Google changes its algorithm again. Here are five ways to optimize your funnel:

– Provide an easy way for people who have filled out forms and purchased products before to buy from you without having to go through another form submission process

– Use A/B Testing with relevant landing pages, so that you can optimize the copy, images, and design for each page

Tip Number thirteen:

Don’t make the headline too long, because it will just scare people away from clicking on them in the search engines. The number one thing that limits clicks are headlines – they’re boring and what’s more every time you click a link or go into a new page, the header appears again! Keep them simple and concise so readers can read through without getting overwhelmed by all of those words.

Tip Number fourteen:

– Always make sure there’s something of value at the end of your funnel. This could be finalizing an order or it could include subscribing and mailing list opt-ins where you give them freebies (even if they don’t buy) in return for joining your email marketing service. Offer incentives like discounts or special offers when someone subscribes before their trial expires, etc., this helps reduce churn rates which can lead to higher conversions overall!

Tip Number fifteen:

Get ranked on the first page of search engine results with a conversion-focused content piece that includes a video from your website and/or YouTube channel. In some cases, this may be all you need to do to rank on Google’s first page!

Worth noting is that if people are searching “funnel hacking” or related keywords, they’ve prequalified visitors who might have already been thinking about buying something before they clicked on one of your pages – so it’s important to focus specifically on how the funnel can help them achieve their goals.

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