ActiveCampaign Pricing Plans (2023) – Email Tool Review

Are you looking for the perfect email marketing and automation tool? Then this Activecampaign pricing and feature guide are going to be a great read for you.

ActiveCampaign is a comprehensive tool that a large number of online marketers and businesses, use to optimize their email efforts and profits. It comes with a wide range of features, that this article will dive deeper into.

What you want in email marketing software is great flexibility in how you work with your contacts and smarter ways for communication. Activecampaign goes above and beyond on both these aspects. Remember that if you started today with growing your email list with a better email marketing tool, then you could literally overnight see a higher ROI on your marketing.

Pricing & Features of ActiveCampaign

Activecampaign email

Let’s start by looking at some of the most highlighted features of ActiveCampaign and then move on to the different pricing plans of this fantastic email marketing software.

Develop beautiful email newsletters

One of the most highlighted features in the ActiveCampaign platforms is the drag and drop options for email designing. The email builder interface is very good to use for beginners too. You easily can around and pick out templates that fit well with any kind of business. Best of all the templates and stock images are free to use.

Some like to charge extra for stock images, but not ActiveCampaign. Using nice-looking templates and images can certainly make your messages get highly noticed by your customers.

ActiveCampaign has an autosaving feature too, which I really like. It helps you remember saving your work automatically. With the email campaign builder, you will also be able to add things like galleries, pictures, headers, and lots more. You are just a click away from reaching these features.

Managing email contacts

ActiveCampaign makes it quite convenient for all businesses to make centralized databases using a single platform. This way, you get to keep your clients in an only place, and this becomes better for the employees to collaborate as well as maintain a good lead engagement while on the run.

This way, businesses can segment their email contacts through campaign interactions, social data storing, and activity on the company’s website.

You can import your contact databases, and then use the features for contact management given in the plan to complete the information of your contacts on the list. You can also have a review of the history of one contact using the same screen. ActiveCampaign can also extract the age, gender, interest, location, and social profiles from the accumulated information from the email.

Automation of campaigns

Utilizing the features of the software program, a lot of businesses can better streamline different marketing programs for themselves as they follow various sales leads with precise timing. You can also easily upgrade data for contacts using automation that are based on AI. You can even start different campaigns, branches, and conditions using the ActiveCampaign program.

The plan can easily track the visits on the webpage or custom events that you control within any category as you insert a code on the website. ActiveCampaign also follows the client-to-business interaction that automatically means that you would know when someone subscribes to your service or views a product on your given website.

Segment listing 

As the contacts for the business get uploaded to the ac, the plan makes it quite simple to segment out the contacts into different lists. The ActiveCampaign utilizes basic and advanced algorithms that make it able to check any given data for a contact, which also includes the behavior of the client as corresponded by their activity on your platform.

History and locations are also navigated. You can better target the segmentation tool that gives you good targeting for your email marketing messages.

With the help of segment listing, you can decompose and then differentiate between the different needs of your subscribers. This will make sure that your messages being sent stay relevant, and this is one of the ways through which different businesses enhance the click-through rates on the email messages.

ActiveCampaign Pricing 

ActiveCampaign comes with four basic plans. For a total of 1000 subscribers, the pricing list goes as under:

  1. Lite plan starting from $29 USD per month
  2. Plus plan to start from $49 USD per month
  3. Professional plan starting from $129 USD per month
  4. Enterprise plan starting from $229 USD per month

The model for pricing is based on features and subscribers. So, the more you play, the more you get access to the subscribers and the features. With any of the packages cited above, you have the option to call for unlimited subscribers. Each plan comes with attractive discounts as you upgrade the subscription from a monthly subscription to an annual contract.


Lite Plan

Plus Plan

Pro Plan



$9 per month

$49 per month

$129 per month

$229 per month


$17 per month

$49 per month

$129 per month

$229 per month


$39 per month

$99 per month

$129 per month

$229 per month


$69 per month

$135 per month

$199 per month

$359 per month


$111 per month

$199 per month

$279 per month

$399 per month


$179 per month

$319 per month

$479 per month

Custom pricing


$239 per month

Custom pricing

Custom pricing

Custom pricing


$299 per month

Custom pricing

Custom pricing

Custom pricing


$369 per month

Custom pricing

Custom pricing

Custom pricing

Activecampaign pricing

ActiveCampaign Lite Pricing Plan

Now, let’s discuss each plan available for the software program:

The lite plan is available for $29 USD per month and gives services for 1000 subscribers. If you are subscribed to the offer on an annual basis, the price gets to $17 USD per month, which is a good discount offer. 

Even with the cheapest ActiveCampaign pricing plan, you get a highly innovative email automation system with designs and also an option where you can integrate social media accounts. With the help of this plan, you will find the option of tracking down your visitors.

If you are working on building up your contacts of customers, then this plan seems to be an appropriate option to get started with its email marketing and subscription forms. Moreover, you will get to have the following controls using this plan:

  • 3 user accounts
  • Newsletter sending
  • Marketing automation
  • Forms for subscriptions
  • Detailed Reporting Feature
  • GEO Tracker
  • Provides Unlimited Sending Feature
  • Import Function
  • API
  • WebHooks
  • Event tracking
  • Live chat support
  • Managed Marketing and different email delivers

It is the perfect plan for small-scale business startups.

ActiveCampaign Plus Pricing Plan

The plus plan is available for $70 USD per month and gives services for 1000 subscribers. If you are subscribed to the offer on an annual basis, the price gets to $49 USD per month, which is a good discount offer.

Please note here that you do get all the features from the Lite plan. In addition, you also get access to 25 user accounts and added features like sales automation, CRM, and more.

With email subscription services on hand, you can use SMS subscription services that are integrated with apps like Facebook. This means that you get more advanced automation features, which is also a big plus from using this plan.

It also excludes subscription forms and also brand name. If you think you need assistance to make the most out of your subscription. Then you can sign up for a one-month training program. It’s basically about how to get the most out of your ActiveCampaign account. So, if you are a sales-oriented company with a large team of users, then this is perfect for you. 

Professional Plan

The professional plan is available for $159 USD per month and gives services for 1000 subscribers. If you subscribe to the offer on an annual basis, the price gets $129 USD per month, which is a good discount offer.

The plan includes all the accessibility and features from the Lite plan and plus plan. It comes with more advanced features that include predictive sending, messaging for sites, and different attributes which enables you to create a good experience. However, we can assume that it’s a high jump from the previous plan when it comes to the price. 

With an added cost, you can get the option to utilize machine learning or more advanced automation functions. This enables you to create action-based split-tests. The automation workflows in this software are super useful if you know what you are doing.

This plan has everything from the first two plans. It adds advanced marketing features like predictive sending, site messaging, and more, that will help create a professional experience for your users.

Enterprise Plan

The enterprise plan is available for $279 USD per month and gives services for 1000 subscribers. If you are subscribed to the offer on an annual basis, the price gets to $229 USD per month.

This plan is a sophisticated and customizable plan for different businesses. If you have a company that relies heavily on email marketing, then the enterprise plan could be the right match. The plan comes with features like phone service for support and other innovative customer services. Just like with the professional plan, you can get access to an email training program. It’s quite important that you really master email marketing to get the most out of it. The training is made for businesses that want customizable features, prioritized support, and is growing rapidly.

The plan allows unlimited access to user accounts. So, it is recommended for large and ever-growing businesses with enough budgets set aside for online marketing campaigns.

ActiveCampaign Review

Final Verdict

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You can’t go wrong picking this email autoresponder tool. There is a ton of fantastic features for you to play around with. Activecampaign is well worth the price.


ActiveCampaign Pricing – Final words

The ActiveCampaign pricing plan comes with a carefully thought-tier system in which a user can unlock different features based on the subscription fee. Also, the discount offers that come with a yearly subscription are the right call for subscribing to the services in the long run.

Based on the needs of your business’s sphere of influence, you can pick any of the given ActiveCampaign pricing plans mentioned above and get the most of your business in the online world in a manageable way. 

If you want to compare Activecampaign with some of its competitors, you can check out Constant Contact or Aweber. But I have to say I like this email marketing tool way more. ActiveCampaign has better features and offers you more value overall.