Best ClickFunnels Alternatives – Other Sales Funnel Builders & Platforms

Do you know what the best ClickFunnels alternatives are right now? If you want to create and build things like sales pages, opt-in pages, or even membership pages, there are many platforms that do this. Clickfunnels is one of the most prominent tools available for you to go ahead with creating a sales funnel, but for some, it can feel a little costly. Especially their largest package. Although I like it very much, as you are getting so much value for your money.

However, Clickfunnels may not be the perfect option available for everyone, so we will in this article take a look at some alternatives for building high converting sales funnels. You can find other tools, which provide better features than Clickfunnels to cater to your needs, so that’s why it all depends a little on your needs and what you prefer from the software.

These are the best Clickfunnels alternatives for you to consider:

BuilderAll: A strong all-in-one digital platform

Best ClickFunnels Alternatives

BuilderAll is a newcomer to the list of Clickfunnels alternatives. It is on its way to becoming a comprehensive solution to cater to the needs of digital marketers out there. You will be able to use it and develop a comprehensive sales and marketing funnel. All the marketing tools that you need to have in order to run a complete marketing campaign are provided with BuilderAll. Hence, you will not come across the need to use any other tool along with it.

One of the biggest benefits associated with BuilderAll is its price. You don’t have to spend a fortune to purchase BuilderAll. You can buy this tool at an affordable price tag. On the other hand, you can call it a perfect example of a complete marketing platform. BuilderAll provides unlimited domain names, pages, and data streams. It doesn’t have anything to do with WordPress.

Ontraport – CRM and marketing platform designed for automation

Ontraport is a Clickfunnels alternative

Ontraport is providing the same set of features that come along with Clickfunnels. It is a perfect example of a complete digital marketing platform. You can get your hands on a large number of tools and you can use them to generate sales with ease. The tools offered with Ontraport will help you to take care of different stages of the sales process, from sales to finance.

The biggest difference that you can find in Ontraport is that it focuses more on automating. If you are not happy with the automation capabilities that come along with Clickfunnels, you can make the decision to move forward with Ontraport. It will also provide you with the support to take automation to the next level.

Samcart – Full-featured eCommerce software built exclusively for sellers


Samcart is a perfect shopping cart solution available for any online businesses to consider. It is designed to focus more on the funnel part within a sales funnel. Therefore, you can optimize cart transactions along with the support that you are getting out of Samcart.

Once you start using Samcart¸ you will be able to keep on building engagement. On the other hand, you can build interest in the products with ease while you use Samcart as well. It doesn’t come along with any autoresponder and email management features. However, it is really good at developing landing pages. You will be able to use this and develop a powerful digital sales tool.

If you are accepting payments with PayPal, you will love to use Samcart. That’s because it can make life easy for you when integrating along with PayPal. It can also provide simplified checkout capabilities. The checkout feature is attractive and efficient as well. You can set up numerous features on the online store with one-click. For example, if you want to introduce up-sell functionality, you can introduce it with minimum hassle. It also provides a cheap affiliate management program to the users.

Unbounce – Beautiful landing pages that convert more

Unbounce landing page builder

Unbounce is one of the best landing page builder available on the market right now. It comes with a powerful drag and drops page functionality. While you are using Unbounce, you can create excellent standalone landing pages. You will also be able to customize them accordingly to cater to your specific business requirements along with time as well.

The most prominent feature that you can find in Unbounce is that it is designed to work perfectly well with other similar tools. You cannot get such deep integration compatibility with Clickfunnels.

When you take a look at the cost of Unbounce, you will notice that it is much affordable. You will be able to start using the tool without spending a fortune. You will not be forced to stick to the templates while developing the landing pages. It comes with a powerful and easy to use drag and drop builder. It can create feature-rich landing pages with ease.

Instapage – Create post-click landing page experiences at scale

Instapage landing pages

Instapage is another landing page builder tool. You can also consider it as one of the strongest alternatives to Clickfunnels. It comes to you with a user-friendly landing page builder, which offers strong functionalities. The drag and drop feature that you can find in Instapage is the strongest. It will help you create pixel-perfect landing pages with ease.

You can get a heat map feature along with Instapage as well. Using the heatmap, you will be able to take a look at the areas of your website that are receiving most visitor attention. Along with that, you can tweak the customer experience delivered by the website or landing page accordingly. Numerous other testing metrics are available for you to use as well.

PipeDrive – Advanced CRM designed to keep you selling

pipedrive crm

PipeDrive is a complete CRM solution. It has lots of features, which are similar to what you can get from Clickfunnels. You will be able to take your sales to funnel development efforts to the next level with PipeDrive.

When you compare PipeDrive with Clickfunnels, you will notice that PipeDrive is capable of providing many new features. For example, you can get better integration support with PipeDrive. On the other hand, PipeDrive is a cheap solution available to use as well. You can use it for web page development without having any comprehensive coding knowledge.

PipeDrive is offering an excellent customer support as well. The services offered to you with PipeDrive are extremely easy to use. You will be able to develop sales funnels with minimum trouble while using PipeDrive.

Take a look at these best Clickfunnels alternatives and see if any of these looks to be a better match for your business. If the price is not an issue I can highly recommend starting with Clickfunnels. If you know why then read our review here.