CF Pro Tools Review – Best Clickfunnels Add-Ons For Advanced Funnels

In this CF Pro Tools review, you will discover why these add-ons will take your sales funnels to the next level. Are you currently using Clickfunnels to develop your sales funnels? Based on the knowledge that you gather about CF Pro Tools, you can make the decision to start using it as well.

What is CF Pro Tools?

CF Pro Tools Review
Get CF Pro Tools if you are serious about sales funnels!

CF Pro Tools is a powerful collection of scripts, paired with a great training program on funnels. It is designed for people who use Clickfunnels to build sales funnels. As you are about to discover in this CF Pro Tools review, there are so many amazing opportunities to enhance the overall effectiveness of your funnels and take them to the next level with ease.

These are just some of the many add-on features you are getting

CF Pro Tools is providing you with a bunch of features, which you can use to enhance the overall effectiveness of the sales funnels that you develop. Here are some of the most prominent features out of them.

  • CF Check button

You can use this feature to introduce a checkbox along with the submit button, which you are using to allow a visitor to agree upon your terms and conditions.

  • CF Promo Code

This feature allows you to make a coupon code or promo code field to the order, so that you can provide a discount to a person who purchases an item from you.

  • CF Short Date Replace

This feature allows to replace the current date with the short date format.

  • CF Year Replace

You can replace text along with the current year by using this feature.

  • CF Rearrange products

You can easily rearrange the products according to an order form with the help of this feature. Hence, you will be able to save the time and effort that you are spending to get the rearranging job done.

  • CF Best Seller Highlight

You will come across the need to highlight your best selling products and get more people to purchase them. This is where you can think about using the CF Best Seller Highlight. It will help you to make your best-selling products notable in the store.

  • CF Cookie Timed Button

While using this feature, it is possible to make the “Buy” button available only after a specific duration of time. You can introduce this feature for the visitors who come to the website for the very first time. From the second visit onward, you can show the button right away.

  • CF Customer Information Replacer

The Customer Information Replacer feature will assist you to enter the customer details to the text of your page. This becomes extremely helpful when you want to provide all useful information within the order confirmation page.

  • CF URL Email Replacer

Along with the help of this feature, you can obtain the email parameter from the URL and place that within the text of the page. Hence, you can overcome the coding effort that is needed to get the email address of your prospect displayed on the page.

  • CF Member Navigation

This feature can help to ensure better navigation within the Clickfunnels members’ area. That’s because it enables to provide the links to move to the previous lesson and next lesson accordingly. It can deliver a convenient experience to the visitors who are navigating through the lessons.

  • CF UTM Time replacer

The UTM Time Replacer will help you to insert UTM term parameter that you obtain out of the URL into the text that you can see on the page.

  • UF USA Only Shipping Disabled

If you are currently shipping only to the United States, this will be a helpful feature that you can get with CF Pro Tools. That’s because you can only make shipping available to the United States. The customers will not be able to select any other product in the dropdown list of countries.

  • CF USA Only Shipping Hidden

You can also allow only the United States and hide all the other countries where you don’t allow shipping. This can eventually help you to deliver a better user experience to the visitors who come to the website.

  • CF Edit Page Bookmark

You will be able to use this feature and provide visitors with the chance to bookmark the Clickfunnels pages with minimum hassle. If you are sharing valuable information, your visitor will come across the need to bookmark them. You can do that with ease while using this feature.

  • CF Bump Image

The Bump Image feature will assist you to get any image into the bump box that is located on the order form. Hence, you can customize the order form to deliver a better experience.

  • CF Default Select

The default select feature will help you to pre-select a different product in the list of products, instead of the very first product. This will help you to differentiate your store from the other stores that are available on the internet.

  • CF Pass Product

You can use this feature to get a button, which can be used by the prospects to add any product to the order form with ease.

  • CF URL Keyword replacer

Based on this feature, you can obtain the keyword parameter from the URL and insert that into the text with ease.

CF Pro Tools Review Conclusion

As you can see, CF Pro Tools is providing you with loads of innovative and impressive features, which can be used to enhance the effectiveness of any sales funnel that you create with Clickfunnels. Hence, all the people who use Clickfunnels can think about investing their money to purchase CF Pro Tools. You will fall in love with the support that CF Pro Tools offer. Start building better funnels today!