clickfunnels review

In this ClickFunnels Review, we will reveal to you why this software is truly a game-changing solution for just about everyone selling something online. First things first. Clickfunnels is an online sales funnel builder which can be the best option for every entrepreneur.

Are you an entrepreneur that are following the trends in marketing? Then you may have heard about ClickFunnels before. Well, here we will go through some of the many benefits of using this software, and why it may be a good fit for you too.

This SaaS (Software as a service) company has made a big name in the industry since the time it launched. There is no doubt that ClickFunnels is here to provide a great value to those who currently are using many different software solutions to accomplish what CF is providing in a complete package deal. Keep reading this Clickfunnels review and we will certainly show you the essentials you need to know about.

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels was started in the year 2014, but in a very short period, it has revolutionized the industry of online marketing. The Slogan for the software is “You are just a funnel away.” Essentially it’s purpose is to be an online builder for sales funnels which helps the businesses to sell, market and deliver their services and products online. It comes with an easy drag and drop interface which has made it easy to use for everyone.

It provides businesses amazing pre-built funnel options according to the specification of the businesses, services, and products. With ClickFunnels, marketers, entrepreneurs, and other people associated with the industry of the digital world can create marketing sales funnels with ease.

In the traditional online funneling you have to deal with web hosting, email autoresponder, landing pages and a lot of various other factors which you need work will all in unions.

This traditional sales funneling is time-consuming and may become expensive for you to deal with. While on the other hand, ClickFunnels incorporates all of these factors which are being offered in a unified and comprehensive package that you can use with ease. There is so much to like about this software, so let’s continue talking about what you are getting here.

Clickfunnels features review.

With this software, you are getting a complete package of functions and not just a sales funnel builder. In the comparison of its competitors, it has so many more features than most. It’s difficult to count down them all, but knowing about the most important ones can be good for you.

  1. A great A/B testing tool: This is a great tool. Built-in A/B testing can help you to make a copy of your page and make changes in both versions and specify the traffic which you want to have on both to see whether version A or B.

  2. WordPress Plugin: Here you can find a WordPress plugin that will help you to add the ClickFunnels pages into your WordPress site. This will save much of your time and effort in managing the things between WordPress and ClickFunnels.

  3. A powerful autoresponder: This tool will help the business to follow up its users based on their actions within the funnel.

  4. Affiliate management: It has an effective affiliate program management tool that can help you to create the best affiliate programs and scale your business in the best possible way without spending more cash on advertisements.

  5. Funnel cloning: This feature of ClickFunnels will allow you to allow the funnels which are built by the best marketers in the industry and have earned millions. For this, all you need to do is personalized integration and branding.

  6. Easy to create page design: Page design is the best feature in the entire platform because of the easiness of creating the effective pages and connecting all the dots in the best possible way.

    With the variety of pre-made databases in its comprehensive database, it is now super easy to set up your required pages within minutes. Although it comes with its huge variety of templates in the market place of ClickFunnels you can get paid and free templates too from the other users.

  7. Webinar Funnels: this can be amazing stuff in ClickFunnels that you can create effective funnels within the platform. Most of the people understand that to set up the webinars can sometimes let you stick in awkward situations. But with ClickFunnels you can do this perfectly. You can manage the entire process at a single platform with ease.

What are the biggest advantages of the software?

Now comes the part in this Clickfunnels review to look at some of the most important functions:

  • ClickFunnels comes with an easy drag and drop builder which can make your tasks much easier. Text elements can also be edited online with ease.

  • Amazing variety of built-in templates that are planned and tested perfectly to convert.

  • Email marketing automation tool can help you to deal with email marketing.

  • Integration with WordPress, custom domains more than 100 e-commerce complimentary programs.

  • It has all of the essentials which are needed to design an effective funnel from start to end.

  • The software provides you an opportunity to add social sharing buttons, shopping carts, text boxes, video players and a lot of other things on your landing page.

  • Clickfunnels will send messages to the subscribers of the funnel automatically.

  • You will never have to think about bad hosting experiences. This is a cloud-based solution.

What are the cons?

Here are some of the few cons of this sales builder software:

  • ClickFunnels is a little bit expensive tool for the fully upgraded versions, but it comes with even greater opportunities.

  • To use all of the features, you need to have some form of training. ClickFunnels is not easy for everyone without proper training if you are going to do more advanced and complex projects. But the basics are easy to understand.

  • No around the clock support service available. Therefore you should have a mentor. Someone helping you out using this software to fully understand everything.

Final Clickfunnels review verdict.

To sum it all up in this Clickfunnels review. This simply is an amazing and reliable software that you need to try. This will allow you to create effective sales and landing pages fast and easily.

If you are selling anything online, then you should be obsessed about doing it in the most effective way. Selling is all about having high conversions most of the time. If you agree, then there is no better option for you really.

Clickfunnels is nothing less of a revolution. A sales funnel software like this will save you a lot of time, money and energy.

To fully understand how it is going to be beneficial for your business, you can take the 14 days free trial.