ClickMagick Review [2023] ᐈ Link Tracking Software

Thinking about getting a link tracking tool? Then this Clickmagick review will help you figure out if this is the perfect software for your needs. In case you are an Internet marketer and would like to get traffic, it is important to gain access to useful tools for tracking your conversions and sales.

If some ads are run by you, you should comprehend that it needs to bring quality traffic. It will be of no use if the ad is not able to bring traffic and your money will be wasted eventually on ads without any conversions or sales.

Clickmagick review

Tracking will inform you regarding what is not exactly performing and will provide you with an opportunity of improvising your campaign. The most effective tool for click tracking at present is considered to be ClickMagick. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive review of this wonderful link tracking software.


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What Is ClickMagick?

It is actually a web-based application that will allow you to monitor and also improve your marketing efforts. ClickMagick will enable you to establish tracking links at the basic level and it will inform you regarding who actually clicked on the links and which clicks resulted in sales.

Moreover, since it is cloud-based, it will be possible to login to your dashboard and track every single link which has been entered by you into the system.

What is Clickmagick

However, ClickMagick is also packed with lots of innovative features which we have mentioned below.

Top ClickMagick Features

1. Rotation of links

This software functions as a link rotator for marketers that split traffic to several links such that the traffic can be distributed evenly in between the links. This link locator feature will allow you to configure in excess of one landing page link or URL to be under one single link and then the traffic will be split to various pages.

You will come across plenty of parameters and options which come with the software that makes it appropriate for the marketers.

  • Setting separate links intended for mobile users
  • The option of distributing clicks randomly
  • The capability of excluding or including clicks from some particular countries
  • Filtering of inappropriate clicks
  • Including retargeting pixels
  • Plus many more
Link tracking software

2. ClickMagick Split-Testing

It is known to every single online marketer how beneficial as well as relevant A/B testing can prove to be in any online business. Landing pages, funnels, ads, and so forth. The intelligent split tester of ClickMagick will enable you to include single or multiple links and you can also send users to various pages such that you will be able to tell which is converting better.

It is important for you to simply indicate the percentage of traffic that you’d like to send to every single page or link and allow the software to perform the rest of the job. At the conclusion of the test, you are going to be alerted regarding the winner and your traffic will be heading for the winner automatically. This will allow you to save your cash in the long run.

3. Bot Filtering

In case you are an affiliate marketer purchasing traffic, it must be known to you regarding how painful it can be for a single ad vendor to dispatch counterfeit clicks to the affiliate offers of yours. However, bot traffic is a familiar thing in the solo ad industry at present.

An identical thing takes place as well in the PPC space. Your advertisement budget can be wasted because of fake clicks from robots or spiders out there.

In these types of scenarios, ClickMagick performs the role of a cop. It helps to filter and block spammy as well as bot clicks and helps to make certain that your stats are kept genuine without having your report full of strange visits.

Malicious clicks can be excluded from your Bing, Google, or any PPC advertising platform from any particular location or IP address.

4. Dynamic Sub-IDs

The capability of dynamically adding sub-ids to any particular link is a notable feature of ClickMagick. It helps you to create a single tracking link for a particular offer and you will be able to use it at any location for tracking the source. This will allow you to comprehend which links are actually bringing increased traffic to that specific offer.

Therefore, whenever links are placed on various pages as well as sections of your sales funnel or website, you will observe different metrics for every single link from the ClickMagick dashboard.

5. Content Locking

This can be considered to be a functionality that is underrated, and the majority of the ClickMagick users are not aware of how to exploit it perfectly. Content locking will provide you with access to content (video, article, tutorial, guide) once they share their email address on social media.

This particular tactic has been deployed by many marketers on their sites, and it undoubtedly works incredibly well.

6. Ad Retargeting

ClickMagick allows you to create and also add retargeting pixel and custom tracking from Facebook ads, Bing ads, Google ads, or any other ad network while targeting those clicking on your link as well.

This is one particular thing which you will not find in most of the other link tracking applications. The retargeting option will allow you to increase conversions to the offers and also get more exposure.

7. Geo-Targeting

This particular setting within the software will allow you to exclude or include some particular countries, thus helping you to maintain excellent leads and visitors. You will also come across an innovative mobile targeting option that sends mobile clicks automatically to a different link other than desktop clicks. Let’s now continue this Clickmagick review by looking at who this software will help the most.

Who Is ClickMagick Intended For Exactly?

Who is Clickmagick for?
Are you wondering who link tracking software like Clickmagick is intended for?

1. Affiliate Marketers

ClickMagick is actually intended for the affiliate marketers out there. There are various ways in which the affiliates will be able to use link tracking software such as ClickMagick. These are as follows:

  • Purchasing traffic from any solo ad platform like Udimi
  • Split testing of any affiliate page or funnel
  • Conclusion of CTAs and timers to pages
  • Cloaking of the affiliate links
  • Employing link rotators for splitting traffic

2. Bloggers

It is a fact that ClickMagick will also serve as an extremely important link tracking software for bloggers. They can exploit this software in the following ways:

  • It will be possible to dynamically add more subids to any single link
  • Contents can be locked on your blog, and you can only provide access once an action is accomplished
  • Cloak the affiliate links by making use of customized tracking domains
  • Retarget visitors by means of ads depending on link clicks
  • Make use of content features and also increase blog conversions

3. Solo Ad Buyers And Sellers

It is a fact that the click tracking services is amongst the most important tools in the present solo ad business. It is required for monitoring outgoing as well as incoming traffic providing you with accurate and up-to-date information instantaneously. Like:

  • Using multi-mode rotators for splitting traffic to one particular offer between a number of affiliates.
  • Monitoring link clicks in email campaigns.
  • Sending traffic to a particular location.
  • Making use of the automated link uptime monitoring so that one is able to understand when a link is not working.

4. Ecommerce Owners

Click monitoring as well as link tracking is of prime importance in the present eCommerce world. By making use of ClickMagick on any eCommerce site, it will allow you to comprehend what is working and what is not when it comes to visitors’ locations, clicks, and interests.

  • You will be able to retarget any visitor who clicked a link out there.
  • Integrate Facebook and Google Analytics with ClickMagick.
  • Make use of the countdown timer for triggering scarcity on your products.

The possibilities are simply endless.

5. Coaches, infopreneurs, and consultants

Are you a consultant or digital entrepreneur making use of sales funnels for driving traffic and converting leads? It will be possible to track your marketing funnels very easily with the help of ClickMagick. Starting with the initial opt-in all the way down to downsells, upsells, as well as thank you pages. You can likewise track clicks from any follow-up email particularly when all of these have been integrated into one single platform.

Who Will Not Need ClickMagick?

Link and click-tracking are not for everyone. This is a learning curve to everything and it all depends on what you are doing online. If you are not online because you are planning to make money, then it’s probably not meant for you.

I think it’s good for me to mention in this Clickmagick review that not everyone will need a click tracker. It all depends on what you want to achieve really.

1. Beginner Digital Marketers

In case you have just started out on any online marketing venture and everything is not known to you, then you are advised not to make use of ClickMagick. On the contrary, you can use a less sophisticated and more inexpensive link tracking tool such as Clixtrac. Otherwise, you can simply stick to any ordinary link tracker such as bitly.

2. Not sufficient traffic or visitors

It is a fact that monitoring and measuring your online activities are concerned with numbers. That being said, you require some sort of rational counts so as to come up with proper estimates and calculations of the marketing efforts made by you. ClickMagick will not deliver the goods for your online business in case you are not receiving sufficient traffic to your pages.

ClickMagick Pricing

You’ll come across 3 different plans with ClickMagick at present, namely, the Starter, Standard, as well as Pro plans.

For the Starter Plan, you need to shell out as many as $17 every month, and you will be able to use every single core feature and receive as many as 10,000 clicks every month. It will also be feasible for you to add a couple of custom tracking domains.

You need to spend $47 every month for the Standard plan, and you will be able to receive 100,000 clicks every month as well. Apart from this, you will get funnel and organic tracking for as many as 5 sites plus 10 custom tracking domains.

For the Pro plan, it is imperative to spend $97 every month, and you will be able to receive 1 million clicks every month as well.

The Starter plan will prove to be sufficient for most of the individuals out there. In case you feel like using the other 2 plans, the price points are not going to affect your business whatsoever.

All of these plans include a free trial for 14 days which will help you to test out the service prior to committing. Although we have not come across any genuine ClickMagick discounts, it will be possible to save at least 30% of the cost of every single plan in case you make payments on a yearly basis.

Pros – ClickMagick Review

  • The tracking software is highly organized and sophisticated which makes it quite easy to comprehend the program. The tools of this software are organized decently which makes all click tracking specifications more efficient and simpler.
  • One significant benefit of using ClickMagick is receiving real-time notifications and updates on the mobile gadget. There is no need to run to your personal computer for checking on the dashboard every single day. All of these can be performed on mobile and you will receive appropriate text notifications in real-time on all the essential metrics.
  • There is no need to be concerned about ClickMagick downtime. It is stable at all times with 24 hours uptime thus making sure that you receive your metrics instantaneously.
  • ClickMagick likewise works with Google Analytics as well as other search engine optimization tools.
  • Every single link of yours will be tracked by ClickMagick from any location you put them which helps to make certain that you’re reading the correct metrics each time.
  • You’ll come across lots of features for optimizing all the links thus resulting in enhanced ROI as well as income.
  • Every single subscriber will be provided with a comprehensive tutorial on making use of all the ClickMagick features.

Cons – ClickMagick Review

  • Somewhat difficult for the newbies: In case you have not used anything like ClickMagick before, you will be suggested to take a look at the tutorials given that there are lots of functions and features which the newbies will find difficult to understand.
  • The dashboard and design of the software look a bit old: I have to say I do think ClickMagick could use a facelift in the sense that the interface looks a little outdated. This is something that doesn’t bother me much, if at all, but I do think some may be put off by the way it looks. But this is not a reason for not using the software. Everything works great and the technology you get here is advanced.
  • Potential conflicts might arise while the custom domains are being set.

Click Tracking Support

Click tracking support
You will love all the tutorials and gudies inside the knowledge base of Clickmagick. It’s easy to get click tracking support, in several different ways here.

I have to be honest in this Clickmagick review about support. I really wish they would have live chat support. Now they have launched live-chat support too!

But they have a very detailed knowledge center that usually answers all my questions. They do have a nice ticket system though. You send in your questions and the experts will get back to you fast by email. Being a properly operated business, ClickMagick knows that there is a particularly difficult learning curve for the new users, and for that reason, they have focused on comprehensive support and training.

You will come across an all-inclusive link tracking startup tutorial along with some “Help” buttons on each page such that it will be possible for you to get to the required information regarding any element that you might be setting up at any time.

The customer support is quite fast and ClickMagick promises to make a proper response to all the support tickets on time which they actually do.

ClickMagick Alternative

While mentioning this comprehensive ClickMagick review, we like to assert that there are likewise other fantastic link tracking tools on the market too. Below, we have mentioned 3 of those ClickMagick alternatives in brief. You can read more on all of these at the link you see at the end of this paragraph.

1. Voluum

Being a suitable alternative to ClickMagick, Voluum can be considered to be an ad tracker. It will not disappoint you in terms of the direct monitoring of landing pages, marketing funnels, and affiliate links. The affiliate monitoring software of Voluum has been designed to optimize, automate, and track.

2. Linktrackr

This is considered to be one of the most inexpensive link tracking software out there. It is well known for its link cloaking abilities. As compared to any typical click tracker, this software offers cloaking for the users but not for search engines which help to make sure that you are not going to be flagged for any spamming technique.

3. ClickMeter

This one is actually a tracking system that is geared toward affiliate tracking, link tracking, as well as conversion tracking. The link tracking software allows the license holders to track, compare, and also optimize URLs thus enabling them to improve conversions and also offer awareness regarding the traffic clicks.

Recommended reading: Clickmagick alternative link tracking software.

ClickMagick vs Google Analytics Review

In case you are using Google Analytics on a wide scale, it is quite natural for you to become overwhelmed by the application of ClickMagick. The reason for this is that the same thing is performed by ClickMagick as compared to Google Analytics, which is tracking clicks.

Google Analytics will allow you to comprehend how your site has been used by your visitors which include reports on demographics, bounce rates, time on the site, exit page, and so on. However, it is a fact that Google Analytics is quite limited and comes with a perplexing user interface for any beginner out there.

On the other hand, you are sure to become surprised in case you look at ClickMagick closely. In fact, ClickMagick will provide you with the ability to monitor all of your advertisements along with the revenue, cost, profit, as well as return from those advertisements. Google Analytics is not going to provide you with all these facilities in the long run. Moreover, it will charge you for every single click that is coming from automatic bots or which does not go through.

ClickMagick will allow you to identify any bogus click and also obtain reimbursement from Google. However, this does not imply that you need to refrain from using Google Analytics at present. In case you are generating revenues from online marketing, it will be sensible to include ClickMagick to your online marketing toolkit.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

You simply start by signing up to a 14-day trial account and then go here, to check out their tutorials on how to set up you links etc.

The software works by tracking data from the links that you create. Evertime a Clickmagick link is clicked on, data on the user is sent to the dashboard inside the sotware.

Yes, Clickmagick supports upto 2 custom domains on the cheapest package, but you can get more if you upgrade your account.

Yup, it absolutely does.

Yes, Clickmagick operates as a “pay as you go” type of model.

ClickMagick Review Conclusion


Fredrik Blanke

Ease of use


Superb click and link tracking from start to finish.


Overall, I have to say that I really enjoy all the features this software has to offer. The thing I like the most is how easy it is to use and how reliable it has been. I mean I have never ever experienced a time when the service is down.

This software can boast of having powerful functionality, and there is no significant problem regarding performance apart from the steep learning curve.

The price is quite reasonable as well. I hope you feel this Clickmagick review has helped you understand what this tool is all about and if you got some ideas on how to use it in your business.