ConvertKit Pricing Plans (2023) ᐈ Email Software Review

Considering changing your email marketing tool? This ConvertKit pricing and feature guide will try to uncover if this could be your new favorite tool. ConvertKit was made specifically for any type of user. These include digital product sellers, affiliate marketers, bloggers, YouTube content creators, entrepreneurs, teachers, photographers, musicians, and a whole lot of other working professionals.

If you are looking to publish and monetize content online, then ConvertKit can be a great choice. Simple and effective are two words that best describe this email autoresponder. Many software tools often try to do too much of the same type.

Then they can easily end up being too complex and cumbersome to use. This is not the case here. ConvertKit is made explicitly for people who want to work and make a living online.

ConvertKit Pricing Plans

Convertkit pricing






$49 a month


$79 a month


$99 a month


$119 a month


$179 a month


$379 a month


$679 a month

Freemium Pricing Account

The ConvertKit pricing scheme has recently launched another plan for managing emails through a system with freemium. However, even the lowest-paid tier is worth the outstanding features ConvertKit has to offer to business people.

The Freemium version was decided to be offered by the plan as the goal is to eradicate any obstacles that new content creators would have while on the run. There was an observation that other plans were being run elsewhere that affected the impact of the features ConvertKit had to offer to its customers. So, the Freemium plan was put into the role.

So, if you are in a literal sense working on the internet and need a community of your own, then it is incredible giving ConvertKit a try. If you want to attract more audiences through email subscriptions, so they get products or services from your website or any other online platform, then ConvertKit is the right platform for you.

Now, you get to have this option using which you are given access to developing as many landing pages and opt-ins for your business as you want, and then you invite other people for joining your list. As you get to have your first subscriber, you can easily move on to the first tier of the ConvertKit pricing which is 29 USD per month for sending emails.

How To Use ConvertKit

Watch this video for some great tips on how to use ConvertKit. You will also learn some of the best ways to use the tool.

ConvertKit Pricing And Feature Review


Free Plan

Paid Plan

Unlimited landing pages



Unlimited signup forms



Landing page templates



Unlimited traffic



Customizable domain setup



Mobile responsive designs



Manage 1,000 subscribers



Email broadcasts



Subscriber tagging



Visual automation funnels



Automated email sequences



Integrations & API



Premium support



Below you will find some of the best reasons why you should sign up and try ConvertKit.

ConvertKit Landing Pages

convertkit landing pages

If you wanted to, you really could use ConvertKit as your landing page builder too. You would not need an extra account somewhere else to build nice-looking landing pages. And best of all, this function is included in your free account. The templates are highly customizable.

Opt-in Forms

Your online subscribers can get previews of your anticipated services through the help of sign-up forms. Simple opt-in forms will make it easier for your audience to become a subscriber. Every website should have some kind of email subscription. There are several different ways you could build these opt-in forms and all have a very nice layout and design. You can of course customize them to fit your website.

optin forms convertKit

A ConvertKit review is a tool that comes with unique features for everyone. You can get a lot of customizable designs for reaching the goals you want for email marketing. You can generate these sign-up forms that go straight to your landing page. This way, you don’t need to build a website.

Visual Automation Control

When it comes to the question of automation, there is a time when easy-to-follow steps are made for your convenience. The ConvertKit keeps it simple and convenient when it comes to spending your time doing things that require more of your attention.

With the help of ConvertKit, you can maintain automated funnels like user-friendly options and a system where you are able to track all your website and online platform related from start to finish.

If you want to edit some content or create segmentation, then you can use this platform.


ConvertKit has given you the option where you are able to subscribe and divide your customer lists into different segments. Tagging points towards a specific action as they get labeled with the tag that you create. After you have created email segments, you can later send an email specifically to those on your list that have taken a certain action.

You can select different tags for added functionality. As you begin to create tags, you would not believe how convenient it is to make sure that the right customers get your messages.

Resending Unopened Emails Automatically

There are times when your subscribers do not open the emails you are sending out. Un-open emails are every email marketer’s worst enemy. Especially if you have spent money on building your email list. The best solution is always to try and resend emails more than one time.

You probably are doing this already, but this is most often a manual job that you have to do. Luckily ConvertKit has made a solution for this to happen automatically with their service The result is that you are ensured that your money has not gone to waste this way.

Conditional Email Content Creation

The conversation gets a whole lot more exciting and interesting when it involves your name in it. You feel instantly more connected to it. If you want the emails to get more personalized for your targeted audience, the feature in the software program allows you to make your emails more personalized in a systematic manner.

As you have created your tags, you can add personalization options such as including names in an email. The ConvertKit forms, besides, also help create an opportunity where you can deliver different lead magnets without any faults. For instance, you get to have a free eBook on the subject as a lead magnet.

For downloading an eBook, the readers will be needed to enter an email for the completion of the sign-up process. This way, the eBook would be delivered to the email addresses. With the help of these forms, you won’t have to worry about giving out the lead magnets. You will only need to upload it and leave the rest of the task to ConvertKit.

A ConvertKit form builder is a signup form made from scratch. You will be given sign-up templates to make the process even more comfortable.

Is ConvertKit Worth The Price?

Some might think at first that the pricing of ConvertKit is a bit high, but it depends on what type of user you are. If you need all the latest and most advanced features and you have a huge list, then the ConvertKit pricing will not be the cheapest on the market.

However, for most casual users you will have no problem with the cost. You get what you pay for and a lot more actually. Other cheap email tools available online do not offer the same type of features this cheap for smaller plans.

The ConvertKit pricing follows three plans that are dependent on the number of total subscribers you want to provide services. The first account plan is $29 USD per month, which goes for 1000 subscribers to your service.

Moving up the tier, you have an intermediate level that goes for 3000 subscribers with $49 USD. The third accounting plan is for 5000 subscribers that require you to pay $79 USD per month.

You get to have the following features besides email marketing in these account plans differentiated by the ConvertKit pricing:

  • API
  • More than 70 integrations
  • Visual automation
  • Reporting on subscribers
  • Unlimited email sending
  • Tagging for subscribers
  • Unlimited, customizable forms
  • Deliverability leading in the industry
  • Live chat support system
  • Email marketing – the obvious one

All of these features are included in all the three aforementioned pricing plans.

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ConvertKit Affiliate Referral Plan

The ConvertKit affiliate referral plan makes it possible for you to refer people to ConvertKit with a unique link. Start referring people to sign up with a ConvertKit pricing plan. Then they will automatically add 100 bonus subscribers to your account’s limit.

This way you can keep getting premium functions for ConvertKit without having to pay anything for it. You can keep raising your free subscriber limit up to 1000 bonus subscribers in total.

Everything included in these tiers is included and unlimited. The differences only lie in the number of subscribers you are going to have to make your services available. There is also another option if you want to move up your pool of subscribers to more than 5000.

This option is not given in the fixed ConvertKit pricing scheme. Then it’s required that you contact the ConvertKit customer support service for more details.

ConvertKit Review

This excellent review will teach you some new tricks about email marketing.


Fredrik Blanke

convertkit review
Ease of use
Campaign editor


Although it’s not the best email marketing tool on the market, it has some fantastic features for sure. It’s worth a try.


ConvertKit Pricing – Final words

In the end, there are many things to like about ConvertKit. Hopefully, you have found my review helpful so far. Have you decided yet if you want to give this email autoresponder tool a try?

The landing page editor is simple to use, the different designs are good and the tagging system is fantastic. If you are a blogger or any kind of influencer, you will surely find this to be a highly useful email marketing tool.

The price will seem unbeatable at first, but if you are an advanced user, you will later find out that there are other tools that will give you more. In general, though I will say that I like the simple ConvertKit pricing scheme.

The ultimate goal of this software is to make marketing easier for people and they succeed on this front. Although it’s not the best on the market, it’s still well worth a try.