This Dotcom secrets review will reveal to you just why it’s a brilliant book and introduction to sales funnel methodology. But first let’s begin with what this book is all about, and why Russell Brunson has revolutionized the world of online marketing. The truth is that I think most people don’t know the secrets of effectively selling anything online. Then they find things are difficult because a lot of information is all over the place. They get confused. To remove their confusion and have proper knowledge about online marketing, DotCom Secrets is here to help.

DotCom Secrets – “The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online” is a book about online marketing. This book is written and published by Russell Brunson in 2015. He explained the strategies for a businessman to improve their traffic, conversions and online sales by using a simple process. This book contains step by step actions and it is a blueprint for anyone new in the online market.

About the Author of DotCom Secrets, Russell Brunson.

Before going to the deep in the contents, let’s have an introduction to the author. Russell Brunson, the author of the book, is one of the world’s best online marketers in the 21st century. This DotCom Secrets review is not going to go into his background, but I can assure you that he is one very brilliant guy. He has successfully built multiple businesses, a following of over a million entrepreneurs, and also sold thousands of his other books. For example, Expert Secrets, Network Marketing Solutions, etc. He co-founded Etison LLC. He is also known as the world’s highest-paid stage closer.

In this book, he shares his experiences and lessons he learned along during his previous days while working as a marketer. There are a lot of things to learn from his personal journey.

DotCom Secrets – An inside look.

DotCom Secrets Review

There are five sections inside DotCom Secrets. It will easily make you understand the marketing process and the strategy behind the sales funnel methods. If you are new to this you should read our article “What are sales funnels?”

Section 1: Learn about ladders and funnels.

This is the 1st section and contains five secrets of marketing.

  1. The Secret Formula: Understanding where you want to take your clients is the ultimate key to serving them better. This formula consists of four simple questions. They are:
  • Who are your dream clients?
  • How can you find them?
  • What bait will you use to attract them?
  • What result do you want to give them?
  1. The Value Ladder: This part is about focusing on the steps you need to follow to lead your customers from taking the bait to the desired place. This is called taking them through the value ladder. Performing this perfectly will give you more money and you will be able to serve your customers highly.

  2. From a Ladder to a Funnel: After reading the previous secret, you will start to understand the basics of building out your own sales funnel and the secrets behind a profitable funnel. This has to with having a complete value ladder. This sales funnel is an online process you take your client to get them through different steps of the value ladder.

  3. Finding Your Dream Customers: This secret will let you know about finding out how to define your target, where they congregate at the moment and how to divert their attention to you and your sales funnel. You will find the techniques and strategies here which an online entrepreneur must know.

  4. Three Types of Traffic: Most people do not understand the traffic in the online market. Here, the author explains the best type of traffic that should be focused on how they operate.

Section 2: Creating your best communication strategy.

This section touches much about building an audience using advanced personal branding tactics.

6.The Attractive Character: This secret talks about building a perfect character and an online following that attract your audience those who ready to buy from you. There are three components to create and attractive character.

  • The Elements
  • The Identity
  • Storylines

You will find how to build character using these components.

7.The Soap Opera Sequence: This is the continuous part of the previous secret. It says building a bond between attractive character and the ideal audience through traffic source.

8. Daily Seinfeld Sequence: As Russell Brunson said: “The secret to keeping your subscribers happy to hear from you every day is using the Seinfeld email format.”

Section 3: What is funnelology?

This section is all about the strategies behind the funnel and my doings to make the funnel work.

9. Reverse Engineering a Successful Funnel: It is all about finding other people who already have a successful funnel. They are selling to the exact target audience which you also want to. You will see how to reverse these and get them working. It can be called funnel hacking.

10. Seven Phases of a Funnel: This part says that there are levels of traffic and all of them should not be treated same along the funnel process. Understanding this concept will enable you to create the right type of page, offer and traffic.

11. Twenty-Three Building Blocks of a Funnel: This chapter of DotCom Secrets tells you the type of webpages you can use for the funnel building phases in the previous chapter. It shows you twenty-three most effective building blocks for sales funnel.

12. Frontend vs. Backend Funnels: Here, Russell discusses the type of funnels he uses on the frontend of his ladder, the ones in the middle and rest in the backend.

After this, the mind-blowing part starts. I can easily assume that this part has made the book be sold millions. This DotCom Secrets review is just one of many out there, and every single review has been overwhelmingly positive, and with very good reason. There is so much value here, that you owe it to yourself to get this book. Here, you will see how a single word can change your entire business magically.

So grab this book fast and start reading if you want to know the best secrets. This book is free when you order it from the official website. But you have to pay for the shipping fee. For shipping inside the US, the fee is $7.95 and for international, it is $14.95. You may also grab this book from Amazon for $14.80.

Questions & Answers:

Some people ask for the PDF version of DotCom Secrets. For them, there is no PDF version. You may have the summary in PDF format, but not the entire book. If anyone asks for audiobooks, the DotCom Secrets audio version is only available inside the funnel as an upsell. And also you will find the summary of the book as PDF format. You should by now also gotten a summarized idea of what you will be learning from this book.

DotCom Secrets Review: Final words

In my opinion, this is the best book for understanding online marketing. You will find many secrets which you can imply in your business and see the result. I believe you will find DotCom Secrets removed all your confusion if you are a newbie in online marketing.

So what are you waiting for? Order your free copy of this book today, before Russell Brunson decides to put a price tag on it. You probably won’t read a more important and groundbreaking marketing book this year!