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Dropfunnels Pricing

Are you looking for an all-in-one online marketing platform that can give the most features at the lowest cost possible? Well, then this Dropfunnels pricing guide will be of great help to you! But is this software worth the cost though? It may be the new kid in the block, but certainly not floundering on the shallow end of the pool.

In this post, we’ll cover the feature and pricing details that you should know about, and how this tool can help grow your business. Let’s not waste any time and jump right in!

What Is Dropfunnels?

what is dropfunnels

Before we dive into the pricing structure, we’ll give an overview of Dropfunnels.

What is Dropfunnels? It’s an all-in-one marketing platform designed for online businesses looking for a sales funnel builder and an SEO-powered blog wrapped into one. It provides you with all the tools you need to mark your digital marketing. Also, it has the features that can help your sales funnel rank on Google – you get the picture?

Dropfunnels Pricing

Dropfunnels offers three pricing structures that include a trial period. Each plan is reasonably priced and offers many features. This means that you’re not obligated to spend your money blindly.

The FREE Trial Period

Before you make a monetary commitment, you can test the plan for 14 days to evaluate whether it suits you best. To put it succinctly, you can access the most basic features. You also get right into funnel building without paying a dime. If you decide you don’t want to be a member, you can cancel the plan anytime.

To get the 14-day trial plan, you just go to the Dropfunnels page, click on the create account button, pick a plan, and confirm your email address. Keep in mind that you won’t be billed during the trial period.

Dropfunnels Starter Plan

The starter plan costs $49 per month after the trial period. You get one business, unlimited courses, users, sales, leads, pages, blogs, and more. While the starter plan offers great perks, the most important ones include unlimited landing pages/funnels, custom checkout pages, unlimited membership sites, and CRM.

This plan is best suited for startup businesses that are not ready to spend a large amount of money. It also suits businesses that earn a revenue of less than $5k. Plus, it allows for up to 10,000 visitors per month.

Dropfunnels Pro Plan

The pro plan costs $149 per month and is designed for businesses that are ready to spend large amounts of money from the start. It also works well for established businesses that need unlimited funnels, leads, sales, and more. But what makes the pro plan unique is that it allows for $250,000 visitors per month. When it comes to the pro plan, most things are straightforward.

Dropfunnels Agency Plan

If you’re looking for something high-end, the agency plan suits you best. It allows for up to 10 starter sites under one managed login. You also get unlimited features on each account, landing pages, CRM, professionally designed themes, a built-in link tracker, and an SEO framework.

This plan costs $297 down from $397 (40% off). The agency plan is not for everyone, but it can be beneficial for businesses that need more logins or sites.

The agency plan offers a feature that you can’t find on the other two – the drag and drop visual editor. It gives you the option to edit the meta-descriptions., connect social media accounts, optimize your site map, and review good analytics. Of course, every single part of your page will meet the guidelines set by Google.

The plan you choose will depend on the traffic you need. It’s worth mentioning that each plan comes with a price-lock guarantee. This means that you don’t have to pay more if the prices increase in the future. Dropfunnels also mentions that you can change the plan any time you want. The dedicated customer support team will be ready to help.

Clickfunnels did something that you wouldn’t like to happen to Dropfunnels. When they first launched the product, it didn’t have a lot of features. Then, they locked everyone to the highest plan, so the people who had signed in for the lower plan got their account canceled out.

And to make things worse, they could pay about $200 per month. You don’t want to make the same mistake – you should take the action now before the price goes higher.

pricing plans

Is Dropfunnels Worth The Investment?

Now that you understand the pricing structure, the next question is to evaluate whether this all-in-one tool is worth your time. Well, it boils down to your individual needs. To determine which plan works best for you, you should consider your business and budget. Do the features work well with you?

To understand whether Dropfunnels are worth it, you should consider the capability of each plan. For example, the starter plan may not be suitable for you if you’re looking for something with more templates. But if you’re willing to take time building your brand, then you can use the platforms builder.

All these three pricing plans have one thing in common – complementary link building. Whether you’re s startup or an established business, you’ll know how your links are doing in terms of conversions, interactions, and clicks. What’s more, you can determine the strategies that are better perceived by the audience.

While this is a great investment, you don’t have to spend all your money. After all, a higher pricing plan may not be sustainable if you’re spending more than you earn. But the great thing about Dropfunnels is that you can test the plan. This is where the day trial period comes in. It will help you make a better decision for your business.

Dropfunnels VS Clickfunnels on Pricing

As far as the pricing goes, Dropfunnels is the winner. It’s great for people who want to start building funnels at a lower price. The basic Clickfunnels package starts at $97, while the platinum plan costs $297. Clickfunnels is a bit expensive, but you get tons of free marketing on the pricing plans.

Besides that, Clickfunnels excels when it comes to shared funnels plans. At only $19, you can duplicate a funnel and share the link. This is not available in Dropfunnels.

Final Thoughts on Dropfunnels Pricing

Overall, Dropfunnels is a conversion-oriented platform worth your time. Because it’s a streamlined SEO tool, it will help you rank your sales funnels and influence the path your business takes. Dropfunnels gives you all the utilities that can help your website earn a top spot on SERPs.

And because the software is relatively new, there’s room for improvement. What’s wrong with trying software that gives promises and delivers results? If you have not yet decided, then go check out the full Dropfunnels review.