Everwebinar Pricing (2023) Webinar Software Worth The Cost?

Wondering how much it costs to use webinar software? This is a guide on Everwebinar pricing and its features.

Everwebinar is one of the, most prominent automated webinar platforms enabling you to create webinars that are pre-recorded. These pre-recorded webinars have the feel of a live webinar which has made Everwebinar so popular today.

This software provides a live webinar feel which can be sued to advertise for customers. Customers will feel it is a live webinar which is remarkable. Many benefits have made Everwebinar the leader in offering the best automated live webinars.

Everwebinar Pricing

The scheduling of this software can be done as per the requirements. Webinars can be scheduled a week in advance or a specific that you have in mind. With this tool, businesses can promote their webinars at the exact time to their potential customers. The software has various landing pages which you can choose to give it a corporate look. There is a wide array of templates, colors, texts, and layouts to choose from.

Everwebinar Pricing

All of these features do come at a very minimal price. Everwebinar pricing has been kept very competitive to allow businesses to explore the software. There are at present three plans which customers can choose from. Everwebinar allows thousand of attendees to attend live webinars which are exceptional and should be taken full advantage of.

Below mentioned are all the plans in detail from which customers can select the most suitable one:

Installment Plan

The installment plan is designed to offer customers a systematic paying plan which fits all pockets. The annual fee stands up to $199. This fee under the installment plan is divided into 3 quarters. With this plan customers are entitled to get a host of features and tools that is unmatched by any other software system. Customers get automated webinars round the clock, customer support, advanced simulation tools, and many more.

Annual Plan

If you want to pay annually instead, then you can receive a huge discount. The total amount for a year stands up to only $499 if paid all at once. The features included in this plan are far better than the installment plan.

Biennial Plan

The Biennial Plan is the best among all the plans as it offers customers the highest features with the software. This plan for 2 years costs only $799 which is a very fair deal.

Everwebinar Free Trial

By paying $1 customers get access to a free trial for 14 days. Based on this experience they can decide whether to take the services or not. This free service is a great innovative step taken towards the well-being of the customers.

Everwebinar offers its consumers automated email communication which is a very crucial step to keep in touch with customers. The emails can be sent as per the specified time and any content can be added. The software also comes equipped with an SMS service. Both these services can be used simultaneously for a great reach to potential customers.

Many businesses are now relying on Everwebinar for offering over-the-top services at a very affordable rate. Big corporate houses use Everwebinar for their ultimate experience.

While using Everwebinar the devices being used do not matter as the quality of the video always remain at the top allowing nonstop webinars. With such high-quality presentations, powerpoints, and other software work seamlessly.

Through its active offers feature businesses can alert the customers of a new offer and their instant reaction which is a good way of earning money from the software. The active offers feature is a very crucial feature offered by Everwebinar and should be utilized at its highest potential.

Final Thoughts on Everwebinar Pricing

The cost of the software is justified as the features provided are far unmatched. The plans offered to customers are very lucrative and should not be missed by anyone who is looking for perfect automated webinar software. Everwebinar is a complete webinar solution enabling businesses to reach heights that were not imagined before.

With the introduction of this software, many businesses can communicate with their potential customers at a much higher level through live webinars and conferences. Features such as automated email, active offers, and live chat simulators make this software an all-in-one solution. Lastly, Webinar software is worth the cost in 2020 offering a total webinar setup to businesses and professionals worldwide looking for a smarter solution.