Best Facebook Messenger Chatbot? Manychat VS Opesta

A big trend in the online marketing world is chatbots. More specifically, it is the Facebook messenger chatbot, that has become incredibly popular. If you have an online business then you always want to look for new ways in order to help to automate the business. Automation can not only save you energy and time but more importantly, the power of automation can also help you to become more profitable. This automation feature will help you a lot and unlock so many new possibilities and gives some new ways to attract and engage the audience on some more personalized level.

If you use chatbots with the effort of email marketing, then you can increase the engagement of your customers and audience as well. If you can add a more engaged audience then you can ensure more buyers for your products as well. There are two most top Facebook messenger chatbot platforms such as Manychat and Opesta.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot
Manychat facebook chatbot

Manychat is a popular and well-known platform that helps you to create specific bots for your e-commerce such as marketing through the Facebook messenger and all. This particular platform is very much effective and beneficial. It is very much helpful to sell products and services. You can also capture leads through the help of this platform. Apart from this, you can also capture the contact information of your audience and customers.

How Do They Work?

Manychat can automate messenger marketing completely. You can also get a top-most benefit that you get to combine or merge it with different CRMs. So, as you can see, Manychat can provide you with a more targeted audience and broadcasts as well.

Best Manychat Chatbot Features

Here are some features that you need to know about Manychat. These are such as follows:

1. Easy Facebook integration

It is one of the best features of Manychat. It can merge with Facebook very easily and effortlessly. You need to click on a few buttons and authenticate your Facebook page first. This platform allows you to easily add to the Facebook page. The bot can easily create the links.

2. Multiple memberships

You do not get so much tier variations with Opesta. But with Manychat, you can get so many varieties. The tiered variation memberships come with Manychat is either free or premium. You can get some limitations with the free membership. The free plans also limit the number of broadcasts that you can create. But with the pro or the premium version, you can erase these limitations. There are also so many tools that will help you to handle the payments within the messenger.

3. Multiple messaging options

You can get so many messaging options with this platform. Send pictures, text messages, emails, and cards as well. If that wasn’t enough, you can also attach the files. It is a great option for this platform. You can send the PDF or tutorial to attract customers.

4. Growth tools

With the pro or premium version of Manychat, you can get the chance to access so many growth tools. Facebook comment tool is one of them. You can find so many tools for data analytics in order to track the conversions and impressions as well.

5. Live chat

With the upgraded live chat option, you can give all answers to the questions raised by the followers. It is a great option to increase your brand curiosity.

Manychat Cons

  • Manychat is not necessary for all marketers.
  • Gets expensive for a large audience.

Manychat Pricing

If you look at the cost, then Manychat is more affordable than Opesta. For 5000 bot subscribers with Manychat, you need to pay $45.

Opesta – A Better Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

Opesta chatbot

Opesta is another Facebook messenger automation tool. It was created by Ethan Sigman. Opesta is much more like Manychat. This chatbot allows marketers to leverage the Facebook platform or tool for building subscribers and communicating with viewers and audiences.

How Do They Work?

So, if you want to ensure your marketing approach and increase your brand’s visibility then you need to use this chatbot platform. This gives you perfect customer satisfaction and engagement of the audience as well. It promises a high open-rate of about 30%.

Opesta Messenger Features

Here are some features of Opesta. These are such as follows:

1. Save data

Opesta can give you a unique data-saving option. You can use the customized fields with this Facebook messenger chatbot. The customized fields can offer you some ways to save and store a particular response to your library. You can also use this response later at the time of need.

2. Pixel-based tracking facility

The tracking function is another impressive feature. You can track the message clicks and opens as well with this platform. You can also track the conversion rate.

You will not get any limit with this platform. But this is not at all beneficial for the small business or start-ups that are not yet ready for bulk subscriptions.

Opesta Cons

  • Annoying message threading:

The message threading is simply annoying. It will annoy you continuously.

  • No, undo in message builder:

Opesta lacks the feature of undoing in message builder. So, it is very much difficult for users. You need to rewrite or reorder everything.

Opesta Pricing

For 5000 bot subscribers with Opesta, you need to spend $49. It is a little bit more expensive than Manychat.

Final Words On Choosing Facebook Messenger Chatbot

You can get so many tools for lead generation and some extra tools as well. The simple user-interface of Manychat will help you a lot and it will be easy for you to use. This tool will strip away the complexity and help you to focus on the broadcast messages. It is also more affordable than Opesta. You can enjoy the unlimited benefits with this bot platform,

There are some differences between Opesta and Manychat. Both chatbots can perform well. They have excellent features for lead generation, tracking the conversion rates, sales generation, and brand visibility and overall enhancement of brand. But if you want to select a chatbot, then Manychat is the best option for you. Manychat is an effective Facebook Messenger Chatbot. Through this, you can get all your job done. It doesn’t matter if you have a sales funnel or a website, these bots will help guide your prospects and customers to the desired end goal. Now go try one of these bots for yourself.