GetResponse Pricing Plans (2023) – Features Worth the Cost?

GetResponse Pricing

Looking for the best email marketing software? And you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to get the most advanced features? Then this GetResponse pricing plan overview will certainly help you out. I’m not only going to show you what the prices are for this software but also why it could be your very best business investment. Please continue reading below to find out what you will be getting.

GetResponse is a competitively priced and powerful email marketing service. Through this, you can reach out to more customers in a cost-efficient manner and increase your business. When people talk about GetResponse, they normally talk about its autoresponder email service, but they greatly built out their features over the years. Now they are also popular as a landing page and sales funnel builder. You also get a webinar service along with impressive workflow management of its email marketing.

But the GetResponse price is another very important aspect of why many people seem to prefer using this email marketing service. It is because sending bulk marketing emails is now intrinsic to most businesses.

Because of this, there is serious competition among email marketing providers and much of this competition boils down to pricing. Getresponse has the advantage of being among the lowest-priced email software providers among all the major industry players.

There are email marketing providers that offer a similar trial period. For example, Constant Contact offers US residents and businesses a 60-day free trial. Benchmark Email has a truly free plan.

Getresponse Pricing Plans

There are 4 packages to choose from depending on how many contacts you want to work with.

Basic pricing plan

The lowest-priced plan from GetResponse is called Basic and it offers unlimited email sends. The service includes email newsletters and autoresponders. You can import RSS feeds to create emails. The Basic service also allows you to use and send landing pages. Besides, it is the only service provider whose Basic service offers the perfect timing feature. This feature ensures your emails reach the subscriber at the time he most is likely to open them.

Mailchimp offers this service but in the upgraded Standard plan. Constant Contract or AWeber do not have this feature in their service.

As part of the GetResponse Basic plan, you can use pop-ups, create social ads, send drip campaigns, and tag contacts.

Essential pricing plan

This plan offers a great webinar marketing solution. There are other useful features as well. You can aim at winning leas and sales by using automated funnels. You can hold an unlimited number of live webinars and you get recording and storage for 3 hours. However, not more than 100 people can attend the webinar.

Among the eCommerce features, you get integration with Etsy, PayPal, and Stripe. You also get auto funnel templates and landing pages. It has a better overall content management system.

Professional pricing plan

The Professional plan from GetResponse is a powerhouse of email marketing. Your webinar will have many advanced functions. Now you can allow up to 300 attendees to your webinars. Even the recording and storage grow to six hours. Your email marketing workflow becomes more advanced and better managed under this plan. Now you can custom create workflows with a visual editor.

You can drag and drop different criteria for different subscribers and members. Your e-commerce business can now win back customers by sending highly targeted emails. Under the professional plan, you get an email authentication protocol DKIM. This ensures your emails reach your customer’s or subscribers’ inboxes.

Custom Getresponse Pricing Package – Enterprise

The highest email marketing plan from GetResponse is called Enterprise and it offers a dedicated account manager to support your email marketing. The account manager will help you with your campaign and try to make it as successful as possible. This plan also gets you dedicated infrastructure and IP addresses.

This plan gives you complete control over your email marketing plan. Now, you can have up to 500 attendees in your webinar, and storage and recording times are up to 10 hours.

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GetResponse Cost Summary

GetResponse Cost
  • Basic plan costs $15 per month and you can send emails to 1000 subscribers.
  • Essential plan costs $49 per month and you can send emails to 5000 subscribers.
  • Professional plan costs $99 per month and you can send emails to 10000 subscribers.
  • Enterprise plan costs $1,199 per month and you can send emails to 100000 subscribers.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

No, unfortunately, there is no free plan but there is a 30-day free trial. This means you can buy and use the service for a month and may return it saying you are not satisfied with its services. You will get a refund.

Yes, get started with the 30-Day Free trial account. There is no credit card required.

It depends on the payment plan you choose and how many contacts you want to send out to. You can also save money if you prepay for a longer period. So if you prepay for 24-months instead of the standard 12-months the price drops. You actually get an 18% or 30% discount when you prepay for a year in advance. The month-to-month plans on the other hand are not discounted.

Yes, you can of course cancel your account at any time.

If you are a nonprofit organization, then you can get up to a 50% discount. Otherwise, you will only be able to save money on your account if you prepay for 12-months or 24-months in advance.

Since they are a pay-as-you-go service, they will only be able to let you cancel your account at any time you want. This means that any payments that are made are not refundable. You do get a free trial period of 30-days to try out the software, so you should be able to figure out if it’s right for business.

Final Thoughts on Getresponse Pricing

GetResponse is in my opinion the best email marketing software on the market right now. It’s user-friendly, offers more features and functions than most other autoresponders, and is priced very reasonably. So there should be no reason not to let this company be a meaningful partner in your email marketing plan. I would say that the GetResponse price is one of the lowest among the major companies offering comparable services.

Its regular plans start from 1000 users and go all the way up to 100,000 users. Companies buying these plans can send unlimited emails to their subscribers. They can also make use of landing pages, pop-ups, and webinars to increase their business.

Hopefully, this Getresponse pricing review has helped you decide on what package is best for your business. In any case, remember that you can easily get started with a free trial account.