This Getresponse review is going to share with you everything you need to know about this autoresponder and marketing software.

Are you looking for a feature-rich solution to proceed with your email marketing campaigns?

Then Getresponse is one of the best options available to consider. It can offer a variety of features, which will assist you to run comprehensive email marketing campaigns with ease. Before you get your hands on this solution, it is important to have a basic understanding of the features offered by it. This Getresponse autoresponder will help you with it.

What Is Getresponse?

Getresponse review

Getresponse is one of the most popular email marketing companies that you can find. The company started back in the year 1998 and has maintained a strong reputation since them. As of now, Getresponse is providing numerous advance marketing automation functionalities to you.

These functionalities can provide you with the opportunity to manage all your email marketing campaigns. You can also think about using Getresponse to design opt-in forms, host webinars, create landing pages and configure complete off-site automation processes.

Getresponse is one of the very first email marketing tools to deliver A/B testing to people. Therefore, you can also think about calling it an innovative email marketing solution available to consider. Let’s continue this Getresponse review by going over the features of the autoresponder.

Best Features And Benefits

Here are some of the most prominent features and benefits that you need to learn about from this Getresponse review. Based on these, you will be able to make the decision on whether you are going to use Getresponse or not.

  • Develop complex automation sequences.

While using the features available in Getresponse, you will be able to develop complex marketing automation sequences. This will assist you to automate numerous aspects of the email marketing campaigns. Along with that, you can keep the peace of mind as you don’t have to involve each and every aspect of the company. You have the ability to use Getresponse and configure activity-based autoresponders. These autoresponders will be configured based on the different actions you take.

  • Advanced contact segmentation.

If you can segment your contacts effectively, you will be able to send out messages to them in an effective manner. That’s where Getresponse will be able to assist you with. A large number of parameters are available for you to segment the contacts.

All you have to do is to take a look at those parameters and subscribe accordingly. For example, you can define segments based upon last opened date, open rate, location, last clicked, page s visited on the website, completion of the email sequence, tags assigned and many more.

  • Manage the contacts intelligently.

Getresponse can also provide you with the chance to manage your contacts in an intelligent manner. You will be able to manage your contacts with the help of custom fields and tags. It’s also great that you can collect additional information related to the subscribers and then use them to create personalized campaigns.

You have the freedom to introduce parameters such as currency, city, gender, favorite movie or anything else that you are interested in.

Advanced Features For Experts

  • Create and host webinars.

Creating and hosting webinars will become an easy thing to do along with Getresponse. It is one of the most effective methods available for you to acquire customers and generate leads. B2B companies are heavily relying on webinars to conduct the marketing campaigns. You can think about doing the same. Getresponse will provide you with the infrastructure needed to host webinars and manage them with ease.

  • Design and develop landing pages.

You don’t need to be a developer or a designer to create beautifully and highly converting landing pages with Getresponse. All the templates and features available for developing landing pages are offered along with the tool. All you have to do is to use the available resources to develop your landing pages.

You will be provided with a comprehensive landing page design library. It offers a large number of templates. You can make sure that there is something for everyone in the library. They are mobile responsive as well.

  • Create comprehensive sales and marketing funnels.

Your life can be made easy with creating comprehensive sales and marketing funnels with the features that are available in Getresponse. This will assist you to manage all your prospects and leads easily and engage them.

On the other hand, you will also be able to develop automation sequences within your sales and marketing funnels as well. Developing a sequence will not be a technical thing to do because you just need to drag and drop. Hence, you can easily take control of the sales and marketing funnels based on your preferences.

Getresponse Pricing?

So what does this autoresponder cost, you might ask? The great thing is that you can start for free. Then when you start to grow your email list, then the pricing is going to change depending on how many you contacts you have.

Below you can see the current pricing:

Getresponse pricing

Getresponse Review Conclusion


Fred Blanke

GetResponse has to be one of the most advanced and user-friendly email tools on the market today.
Ease of use
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I think I can go as far as to say that the many features of Getresponse will simply impress you. They are quite useful and you will find lots of value in this software.


Now you are aware of the features that Getresponse is offering and how it can help you with managing the marketing campaigns. Take a look at these features and get the most out of it at the end of the day. It is something that every marketer should use.