Groovefunnels Pricing Plans & Features (2023)

Groovefunnels Pricing

Welcome to this Groovefunnels pricing plan comparison article. There is no doubt that choosing the right sales funnel builder could make all the difference between a successful online marketing and digital marketing campaign and a failed one. A sales funnel is a proven and time-tested process that helps online sellers with products and services.

It helps them to bring potential customers one more step nearer to your product or service offering. Get prospective buyers to make a buying decision with the help of a series of marketing efforts and actions. These include; content, automated email campaigns, and also the creation of landing pages which over a period of time may be able to do the selling for you.

However, choosing the right sales funnel builder is not an easy task because there are many such products in the market. But those who have had a chance of using Groovefunnels believe that it could be a good solution for the right sales funnel builder.

We are sharing some pertinent information about the features of this funnel builder so that our readers are better informed and can make the right choice based on information and facts


Groovefunnels Pricing

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What Is Groovefunnels All about?

Groovepages is a product that is capable of creating a landing page, and also could help in creating marketing funnels apart from helping in creating and building professional websites that can later be branded. It has many useful features and here are a few of them that are interesting from the readers’ perspective:

  • The templates have been designed by experts
  • It also has the facility to create landing pages.
  • The users can also develop the right conversion funnels
  • The creation of webinar funnels is also possible
  • It also is possible to conduct A/B testing.
  • Countdown timers are also available
  • You also get access to a number of integrations.
  • Images are also available and they are royalty-free

Groovepages Lite and GroovePages Pro Pricing

There are two paid versions as far as these funnels are concerned. These are GroovePages Lite and GroovePages Pro. Having some basic understanding of the two will help you to understand Groovefunnels pricing better.

When you choose GroovePages Lite, you will be able to get wireframe blocks and you also will be able to get access to professional and upgraded versions. The Pro version will allow the users to gain access to Premium Blocks and the end-users will also be able to make use of various other new blocks that the company will keep adding in the future.

The Pro version also has some other additional features and these include the ever-growing library of various types of funnel templates. These new templates are likely to be added soon and once added you can continue using them for many years and decades.

What Are The Groovefunnels Pricing Plans?

Below are the current price of Groovefunnels. A platinum account is coming at a later stage.

pricing plan table

Let us now have a look at the Groovefunnels cost from the end-users perspective.

The service provider basically has four different plans and they are as follows:

Base, silver, gold and platinum.

Let Us Look At Each of The Plans

The base plan offers Groovesell, Grooveaffilate, Groovepages LITE, and a 20% affiliate program. All these come for free.

Customers can also choose a $99/month plan that offers all the features available in the free plan along with a few extra new features. These include Groovepages Mail, GrooveVideo, and Groovemail.

The gold plan has a price tag of $199 a month and it is packed with a number of features. You will, apart from the various features under the silver plan, also be eligible for GrooveSurvey, GrooveBlog, GrooveDesk, and GrooveQuiz amongst others.

Finally, those who are looking at a complete and all-inclusive plan may have many reasons to go in for the Platinum Plan. Yes, this is quite expensive and the customers have to pay around $299 a month. Here are a few additional things and features that will be a part of the Groovefunnels Platinum plan.

You will be able to take part in the live webinars under the GrooveWebinars option, and you can automate the entire funnel system. Further, you will also be able to be a part of the eCommerce option and various other such features. Of course, all features that are available under the base, silvers, and gold plan will be there.

Final Words on Groovefunnels Pricing

To sum up, there is no doubt that there are many good reasons for choosing Groovefunnels. It’s a cheap and very affordable way of creating funnel systems for converting your leads into a solid business. In fact, the price of Grovefunnels is clearly beating most of its competitors, and you can easily upgrade your account to get more functions.

So you are not missing out on any big features that other sales funnel builders have. If you want, please check out my full Groovefunnels review. It will give you all details if you want to know more about this amazing new funnel software.