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Welcome to my ultimate Groovefunnels review guide. If you are looking for one of the latest marketing suites for your business. Then GrooveFunnels could be the right choice for you. It’s perfect for anyone that is on a tight budget. Because right at this moment you can claim a completely free account. The software is jam-packed with features.

Therefore you could actually save money by switching over from your current marketing platform. In this article, I will discuss everything that you will be getting in this package.

Some of the highlights are a sales funnel builder, email sequencing, video hosting, membership sites, and a whole lot more. You can quickly sell products or services using great-looking funnel templates. All of the technical stuff is pretty much done for you.


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GrooveFunnels Review – Features

Starting our GrooveFunnels review with the features the software program offers to its clients, let’s talk about its parent company. Groove Digital has built different applications for software that aid in making websites and sales funnels. The tool is quite comprehensive. They really have thought about including all the most useful functions into one.

You can get access to different features of the suite depending upon the payment plan of the GrooveFunnels.


It is the shipping cart that is entirely free for use and is regarded as a tactical approach to sell different services and products online. It is used as an affiliate marketing plan by various business people looking forward to expanding their affiliate marketing brand. The best thing about this feature is that it is free of cost.

One-click Upsell

This feature comes with various pricing options to choose from. With the help of the function, you can analyze the data and store important information critical for your business use. The free element is being provided to users to a limited extent in the basic plans, such as the free account option.

GroovePages – Groovefunnels Review

Groovefunnels review

If you want to build useful landing pages for your site, GroovePages is your best plan to choose from. There are a lot of templates that are offered in the GroovePages, so you can get a model of your choice and select the one that suits according to the needs of your business.

All are tried and tested, so there is no option left to go for the trial and error method while choosing your favorite template. The lite version of the software program will enable you to get an advantage from the GroovePages templates.

There is also a lifetime subscription offer that will be discussed later in the section of GrooveFunnels pricing.

Sales funnel templates
This is what some of the funnel templates look like.


Email marketing is an essential branch of affiliate marketing. You are required to generate a contact lead and then send those emails for subscription and broadening your business deals to your audience. This way, they will stay updated about any incoming event, product, offer, or discount that your business is handling in one way or another.

With the help of the feature of the GrooveFunnels plan called the GrooveMail, you will be able to do email marketing in a better way, and it is in the category of the freshest features to be released this year of the suite plan.

With this feature, you can carry out email broadcasting, sequencing, SMS broadcasting, and others.


This feature is an important one when it comes to creating membership sites for the intended audience. Like other software programs, the GrooveMember is expected to perform at its best after its release this month.


groovefunnels features

Now expand your affiliate marketing to a whole new level with the help of the GrooveVideo marketing tool. Not only can you develop the interest of your audience, but you can attract more people at the same time. You can use it to view automation, lead generation, and with the help of live chat support, you can also take part in social sharing.

GrooveFunnels Pricing

Pricing plan table
These are the current prices. A platinum account is also coming.

In this GrooveFunnels review, I will now go over some pricing options with you. Should you later find out that you want to upgrade to the Silver Plan of Groovefunnels then that will cost you $99 USD per month. It’s totally optional, and you could just stay with the free plan if you wanted to. There is an increase of a hundred dollars that makes the total price to be $199 USD when discussing the Gold Plan.

However, the creators of the software plan made a special offer for the first of its customers who would get the membership by the mid of 2020: June. If you get a membership for the beta, you can get a free account on the suite program. And you will have to pay an initial payment of $497 USD monthly, which equals $1491 USD in total. This plan is no more available now, so there is no option for a free account on the software plan anymore.

Groovefunnels pricing

GrooveFunnels Silver Pricing Plan

The GrooveFunnels silver plan per month comes with the option to choose a multitude of different features. These features include:

  1. GroovePages Pro feature
  2. GrooveVideo
  3. GrooveSell
  4. GrooveMember
  5. GrooveAffiliate
  6. GrooveMail

The program comes with a monthly pricing plan of $99 USD per month, which is quite cost-effective for people who are starting up a business and are not much familiar with the intricacies that come with using the affiliate marketing software programs. You can easily choose the plan according to your requirements.

GrooveFunnels Gold Pricing Plan Review

The GrooveFunnels gold plan per month comes with the option for you to choose a multitude of different features. These features include all the features that are already present in the silver plan. And additionally, you get the following features as well:

  1. GrooveQuiz
  2. GrooveCalendar
  3. GrooveBlog
  4. GrooveDesk
  5. GrooveSurvey

These features are available with a monthly plan of $199 USD per month, which is suitable for businesses that are already established and need more honing to maximize their capacity to engage more audience and build a better system. This, in turn, helps them to create more Return on Investment.

GrooveBlog: with the help of a GrooveBlog, you will be able to create a better site for writing blogs that would utilize SEO and add beauty to your website while also attracting more audiences. It pretty much works the same way as WordPress works, but simpler. This way, you will not have to arrange for getting a WordPress along with arranging a software plan as you would have it all under one umbrella.

GrooveDesk: the GrooveDesk is a built-in help desk system that is important for resolving issues such as ticket removal that might come on the surface. While you are away, customer support can resolve the issue as it reaches your desk.

GrooveSurvey: the GrooveSurvey enables you to make and conduct surveys that will help you give the client feedback as you progress. This will help you ensure the quality maintenance and improvement of the plan that exists.

GrooveQuiz: with the help of GrooveQuiz, you will be able to make interesting quizzes that will lead your audience to the landing page of your business. The program feature has not been released yet and is set to be fully available and functional for the audience by 2022.

Digital marketing features

Expired Pricing Features – Groovefunnels Review

Before the program provided access to the GrooveSell without any financial cost, you needed to buy the feature for the landing page builder for $497 USD and with quadrupling the payment, you could get the whole software plan ready for you. This offer has expired now and is no longer available to the consumers. So, you will have to look for options such as the Silver plan and the Gold plan.

What is the One Time Offer Plan for GroovePages?

The offer worked for consumers who bought the plan before June 2020 where the intended audience would land straight to the landing pages. This offer is now obsolete.

Is There A Discount For GroovePages And GrooveFunnels?

Apparently, there has been no special discount offer for the software plan. The free account offer was the only practical pricing plan with a huge discount for users who could purchase the whole plan in a set of different payments paid in the initial months of the plan.

The total pricing plan for GrooveFunnels on a monthly basis will be $199 USD to the maximum. Once you purchase your plan, you will be able to get the features to amplify SEO and sales funnel conversion for your intended audience over the internet. This will ultimately help you to get a better Return on Investment, known as the ROI, or return on investment, which will help you create better results when you sign up using the link for affiliate marketing through the program.

What Is The General Opinion On Groovefunnels?

The perk that comes with using this software suite is that it is best for the creation of innovative sales campaigns that are not outdated or full of minor errors. You will not be confused about upgrading your software again within a short span of time as the work does not come with any outdated development. All features are recently being added up in the gold plan that further accelerates the functionality of the payment plan with the upper tier.

Price Comparison With Other Software Suites

When we are talking about other software plans such as Kartra or ClickFunnels, the amount gets from $200 to $300 USD per month for getting full services. If you want to make a lot of dollars in return for your investment of money, time, and energy on your business, getting a cost-effective plan that does not charge you a lot is a good option for people who cannot spend a fortune on managing affiliate marketing.

What Are The Best GrooveFunnels Alternatives?

Right now Groovefunnels is the new kid on the block. Brand new and has some bugs her and there. So what are the best alternatives you might ask? If you got a little money to invest then you can consider getting:

  1. Clickfunnels
  2. Kartra
  3. GetResponse
  4. Builderall
  5. SamCart

Wait! Is There Really A Pandemic Offer?

We were just done with the pricing plans for the whole when something caught our attention. The company has made everything absolutely free of cost during the pandemic of the novel coronavirus. The step is highly beneficial for small businesses. Especially those that do not have the affordability and the convenience to spend a lot on marketing.

A lot of users have positive to say about this selfless approach coming from the company with, however, some glitches. These fail to outweigh the generous offer by the creator of the GrooveFunnels, Groove Digital.

The website says loud and clear that their offer right now is completely free of charge. You don’t even need to add a credit card on sign up, and that is pretty rare. With the free membership plan, you also get access to unlimited features that have been released during the pandemic.

Here’s What You Will Be Getting Right Now

Some of the highlights of what you can get from the free subscription in the novel corona pandemic are the following:

Unlimited products for free, which means you can create your website using full navigation, custom domains, hosting, and video bandwidth. You can also sell your products using one-click upsell feature that we have described earlier in the GrooveFunnels review. You also get to have order bumps, downsells and upsells according to your need.

The email marketing system is fully automated and you have the option to imply tags. If you try GrooveMember, you will learn to create a membership site on the platform. It can be a great way to generate better leads in a more systematic way.

The offer is limited and is only available till the pandemic situation. After the end of the limited offer, you will need to select a suitable payment plan for your company if you want to keep using the program for expanding your online business.

Final Groovefunnels Review Verdict

In conclusion, the GrooveFunnels is buoyant and looks like a promising app when it comes to including features such as the one for writing blogs and making quizzes. Features like these are not seen in other software programs that make this one a highlight in the affiliate marketing plan. Moreover, its relatively cost-effective pricing plans have made the program quite popular among the audience.

For the coming months and years, the company will be revealing further apps down the road that will continue to offer value to all Groovefunnel users.

Right now this Groovefunnels review ends up with a highly positive rating. I can only praise what the team behind this software is doing, and the fact that you can get started with a free account is a huge positive as well. Thumbs up to the whole software suite!


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If you are on a tight budget and can’t afford around $97/mo, then Groovefunnels is a great way to get started. Although some functions are not working 100% right now, and it can be a little buggy, it’s still an amazing deal. You can’t beat the price (FREE). Go check it out for yourself.