Group Funnels Review and Pricing – Get Leads From Facebook Groups

This Group Funnels review will hopefully teach you something new that you didn’t know were possible. Are you an admin of a Facebook group? Then you should understand the importance of collecting the email addresses of people who join your group.

But you then also most likely know how tedious it can be to manually accept new members, and try and collect their email addresses. Finally, you can automate these tedious tasks, so you can use more of your time on making more money from your leads.

What is Group Funnels?

Group Funnels is a tool that lets you automate the process of collecting email addresses from people who request to join your Facebook groups. This will help you to save many hours that you will have to spend on screening the new member requests to a Facebook group.

You can also get more leads and build effective lists, which can be used for email marketing campaigns in the future. This will eventually contribute to the sales volume that you can secure. In this Group funnels review, I will now go into how this works, how the tool is set up, and what it cost.

Group funnels review

Group Funnels is one of the most popular lead generation software that you can find out there. You will be able to integrate this lead generation software via a Google Chrome extension.

Once you set it up, you will be able to capture the email addresses that people who join your Facebook group submit. It is possible to get the help of this tool and create a list of email addresses with ease. Then you will be able to use the email list for your marketing needs in the future.

This is one of the most convenient and effective methods available to build a list. You just need to use Google Chrome as your internet browser and install the Group Funnels extension.

How Does Group Funnels Work?

The great thing about Facebook groups is that you can ask questions to those how to want to join. This is where you want to ask for their email address so that you can follow up with them with your offers.

Once you click on the button to accept people into the Facebook group, you can then allow Group Funnels to do the rest of the work. In fact, Group Funnels will push their name and email address into a document.

You can go through the document at a later stage and quickly export all the details to a Google Spreadsheet with a single click. Then you can use the excel sheet that you have with contact details to move forward with your email marketing campaigns. For example, you can use the mailing list with Zapier and promote your offerings to the leads.

You have a clear understanding of the interests of people who request to join your Facebook group. Based on that, you can draft the content of emails that you are sending out for email marketing purposes. Therefore, you can end up running an effective email marketing campaign at all times.

Once you get Group Funnels, you will be able to receive a perfect helping hand to move forward with your marketing efforts. You will appreciate the overall support and assistance that it can offer. Hence, you can make the decision to start using Group Funnels without keeping a doubt in mind.

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What is the setup process like?

Group Funnels is one of the easiest tools available for marketers to use. You just need to do some initial configurations and it will keep on delivering positive returns to you along with time.

Here’s what you do to get started:

  • Install the Group funnels extension with one click.
  • ​Integrate it with your autoresponder of choice.
  • ​Set your filters for new members & press “Approve All”.
  • That’s it!

You must make sure that you are using Google Chrome.

To configure Group Funnels, you install the extension available for Google Chrome. Then you can get into the configuration settings and connect it with the Facebook group. Along with that, you can also create a Google Sheet along with required column names.

Now you can enter your email address and the URL to connect Group Funnels with Google Sheet. You can even connect the Google Sheet with your autoresponder so that you can automate the entire process.

As you can see, you don’t need to have any technical skills or do any special work to get Group Funnels configured. You just need to go through a few simple steps and it can deliver worthy returns to you.

If you are a non-technical person, you don’t have to worry at all! You will be given clear and easy step by step instructions to get the configuration done. Then you can start enjoying all the features that it will offer to you.

When joining the program you will also get these added bonuses:

Group Funnels Pricing

Group Funnels pricing plan is very straightforward. For a one-time payment of $297, you will be able to get lifetime access to Group Funnels. Only this one plan is available at the moment.

Once you make the payment, you will be able to gain access to all the features. Moreover, you can receive access to all future updates as well. If you want to cancel the subscription, you can do it at any given time as well.

On top of everything, people who buy Group Funnels will be added to a private Facebook group. On this private Facebook group, you can get along with a like-minded set of individuals. You can share your knowledge with them and get their assistance to overcome the problems that you may face.

Moreover, knowledge shared within the Facebook group can provide all the support that you need with taking your future marketing campaigns to the next level.

Group Funnels review conclusion: Is it worth it?

I would say that if you are planning to go all-in on using Facebook groups to grow your business, then it’s absolutely worth it! You are first and foremost going to save a lot of time, and it will automate the whole process of collecting leads from Facebook in a fantastic way. It simply works and more than 1500 of some of the best Facebook marketers on the plant are praising this tool.

When you go through what you get here and how much time it saves you, there is nothing to think about really. It’s a tool every serious Facebook group owner should think about purchasing. Thanks for reading our Group Funnels review, now it’s up for you to decide if this tool is right for you. Good luck, and please contact us if you need help with getting more leads.