How to Promote High Ticket Affiliate Products in 2023

If you are looking to join the best high ticket affiliate products, then this article is going to answer all your questions and more. Knowing how to promote high ticket affiliate products can be a life-changer for many. The reason for this is that the income potential is bigger than most other business models.

But maybe you don’t know how to start in order to promote affiliate products effectively? You will also learn the best system you should follow so that you can focus on just one product. Keeping things simple is always going to be an advantage.

Keep reading to find out how to promote high ticket affiliate products, the channels to leverage, and different ways you can become an expert in earning money in your sleep with affiliate marketing.

So, let’s get started!

High ticket affiliate products

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a revolutionary system that lets publishers, including people with blogs, email lists, large social media, and websites, generate more sales for a particular product. They will carry out all the advertising and use specially coded affiliate products to send leads to the seller’s website in exchange for commission earned.

These percentages are usually mentioned in the affiliate programs you will opt for, which can help you add revenue to create a product, manage product inventory, and support issues. The best part, even if the customer decides to return or cancel the purchase, you are still going to have money rolling in your bank account.

What are High Ticket Affiliate Products?

Unlike popular affiliate programs like Amazon, high ticket affiliate products help to generate higher than the average commission on their products. Therefore, publishers mainly focus on a few very specialized and expensive products instead of going overboard with a wide variety of products that pays 1% common on video games and 10% for luxury beauty items and Amazon Coins.

Considering how these products are more valuable and expensive, you may need to go the extra mile to set trust within your audience who are likely to purchase that product from your site and stay consistent with their monthly subscriptions.

For example, Keap, one of the affiliate programs that help publishers promote CRM, sales automation, and marketing automation for $250 per sign-up. If you manage to sign-ups, very loyal ones can earn you an additional $6,000 to your annual revenue system passively.

Where Can I Find High Ticket Affiliate Product

Here comes the top burning question that you have been seeking answers for. Okay, now you know high ticket affiliate products are profitable if done right, and perhaps you already have a platform to promote it as well. But where a good product can help you earn thousands of dollars, a bad product can make all your efforts go in vain.

Therefore, before you dive in headfirst to the first high ticket affiliate program you see, make sure you answer these questions first:

  • What is the most trending niche/item right now?
  • Is there a recent problem that this product solves
  • What are some of the products or services that your audience doesn’t mind spending more than usual at?
  • Would they be interested in something that is a one-time purchase or monthly?
  • Where are they likely to go to find these products?

Once you have answered these fundamental questions properly, it’s time to begin the hunt for the best high ticket affiliate product. I suggest you start with a single product first and gradually build up as you gain more audiences to help diversify the options. Remember, if the product sells itself with great benefits, reviews, and audience, this can help you earn more commission in the long run.

How to Grow your Audience From Different Channels

If you haven’t heard of it already, a sales funnel is usually used to promote products as expensive as high ticket affiliate products. In the funnel, you spread awareness about the product’s resistance, focus on the problem the product solves, and help people decide by carefully showing the truth about the product. Trust me on this; nowadays, nothing sells better than the truth; it can be spotted from far away.

Regardless of which approach you go for, a HUGE mistake that many publishers make is to sound too salesy in their endeavors which kills the lead just on the first stage of the funnel! So, it’s recommended to create a long-term plan to help build trust and gradually work your way to offering valuable products and services.


Tiktok affiliate marketing

TikTok is a video-sharing social platform that now has 80 million active users worldwide. This means potential to tap into these 8000 million customers. To help you gain the best exposure, start by staying consistent with your content. Just like the algorithms of any other social media platform, Tiktok takes into account the regularity of your posts and how engaged your audience is before recommending your content to a wider audience.

Another thing that can do wonders is to link up your other social media profiles to TikTok. Think of its as different streams of the river that finally meets the sea at the end. These different streams will be your social media profiles where you are posting nothing but quality content.

How will you know its quality content? Quality content is anything that provides more value to your audience than it does to you. Over, in the long run, this will be more profitable than going for any other method.


Blogging affiliate

To run a successful blog requires more than just posting content twice or thrice a week. You can absolutely leverage the power of Social Media campaigns and start promoting your products, blog posts, videos, or any other content in general on your social media channels. The great thing about blogging is that you can add as many affiliate links as possible. In fact

However, since you will be sticking to high ticket affiliate products, you should start writing review comparison guides like this one and collaborate with other bloggers to gain a sense of community to grow your audience gradually.

Along with that, try sending monthly emails or newsletters with a signup form to start building a list of loyal customers who are interested in reading more for you. Here, you can strategically plan to leverage the affiliate funnel again to spread awareness, build trust and finally start promoting products for best results.


Promoting high ticket affiliate products on youtube

There are countless ways you can use YouTube to promote your high ticket affiliate products. Firstly, use the blogging trick to build an email list; this can be done by providing them a gift, course, and sheets in return for their emails. Once people are all signed up, you can run through an email list and carry out a proper email marketing campaign to do the trick for you.

Another thing that can be done is actually to use the products you are an affiliate for. Once you do that, it helps build a sense of credibility and increase purchases.


Promote affiliate products on Facebook

Facebook is one of the best places where you can market your products. It allows you to promote it for free to use Facebook ads to give you a headstart.

For the free method, start posting links to your blog posts or products on Facebook for indirect marketing and join Facebook groups which are a great way to target the audience and build trust. Here, too, you need to bear in mind to provide more value to others in the group rather than carrying out self-promotion techniques.

However, if you have a website, it’s never a bad idea to create a Facebook page and start creating ad campaigns right away.

The Solution to Your Problem

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Why Legendary Marketer is Worth It

High ticket affiliate product legendary marketer

This truly is a special affiliate program that knows what affiliates want and know how to deliver on support, commissions and tools.

They care about their students more than anything

Lengadry marketers are one of the very courses that genuinely care about its students. All of their easy-to-understand lessons are beginner-friendly and are backed up with success stories to build trust and give you a boost of motivation to do the same.

Awesome affiliate system

Legendary Marketer has one of the most practical backends you can ever see. If you are a Click Funnel user, you can easily integrate Legendary Market into your account. However, if not, you can use their standard affiliate links to promote their offers and earn a commission every time they make a sale through you. The best part is already an established course to take most of the burden off your shoulders.

As for email marketing, if you use SendLane or GetResponse as your email autoresponder, you can directly integrate Legendary Marketer to track which platform works out the best for you.

Final Thoughts on Promoting Affiliate Products

All in all, if you want to be a successful high ticket affiliate marketer, the key is to choose products that are not only profitable in a specific niche, but you must be interested in that too because you can never promote a product wholeheartedly unless you have a positive experience with it. So start practicing the methods mentioned above and grow your own affiliate money tree right at the comfort of your home!