Learning how to create ebooks and lead magnets can help you immensely. Ebooks can play a vital role in today’s marketing, which not only provides potential customers with valuable information but also serves as a fantastic lead magnet in exchange for your customer’s information. Let’s face it, almost everyone loves to download ebooks. Mainly because of how easy they are to share, download and read on any device. At the same time, most business owners love them even more because, to keep it simple, as your customers engage more and more with your products; the more your potential growth for revenue increases The end result, more customers, more sales, more revenue.

How To Create Ebooks

What is Sqribble?

Sqribble is a revolutionary technology with not only its cloud-based software but it’s incredible ability to create eBooks and even lead magnets such as reports, whitepapers, a whitepaper, video, free PDF checklist, and other digital books – with just a few clicks.

Sqribble has multiple ready-made templates that are all are suited for freelancers, independent internet marketers, entrepreneurs, and salespeople, small marketing agencies, and small to medium-sized businesses that aim to create lead magnets, publish Kindle books, create and sell eBooks, or publish whitepapers. It is also suited for self-publishers and info-marketers.

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Main Benefits of Using Sqribble For Creating Ebooks

Sqribble review

Saves you money

If you are an entrepreneur, resources are direly limited. You don’t need to buy expensive tools or expensive software, such as Photoshop. Or outsource freelance writers, layout artists, e-designers at a high cost. Sqribble has integrated the entire process of creating eBooks, with needed tools, stock resources, automated page contents and layout, editing control, a technology that’s point and click, in its online platform. And most of all, Sqribble is easy to use.

Time saver

eBook creation is long, tedious work, writing, layout, formatting, designing. Sqribble saves you these long hours. When you use word processing software, like Google Docs, Pages, or Word, you still need to layout and ensure that the format is readable on different devices.

Momentum gained, wins more leads, more sales

Because Sqribble has compressed creation time of eBooks, lead magnets into a near-magical few minutes of work, it multiplies creation capabilities and further offers unlimited eBook creation. Sqribble enables you to create your eBook or lead magnet, white paper, or report in mere minutes With this, you can increase marketing efforts, map out more marketing campaigns, and anticipate higher results from the campaigns. With the momentum, gained you gain more leads, more sales, more profit.


The advantage of Sqribble is that it can be designed on any device. The eBook or lead magnet is accessible to the business company’s viewer, prospective, and purchasing customers who can view and download the formatted content on a mobile, tablet, or laptop, not only from a stationary desktop.

How To Create Ebooks – It’s a 3-Step Process

Step 1: Choose a Template

Choose a template for your project. With your project as your guide, pick among 50 template designs. And choose a niche, from 15 niche categories that include business, finance, marketing, food, health, home, education, spirituality, sports, arts. Each template contains professional page layouts and a menu page, i.e. table of contents. You can search by keyword or category in the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Fill in with Instant Content

Ways to add content:

  • You can write your original content directly.
  • Copy and paste content from another material source.
  • Upload content from your own Word file. Sqribble automatically extracts the content and formats it into your eBook
  • Import content if you lack time or resources to create content. Enter a URL of a web page. Fresh content is into your template by Sqribble.
  • Sqribble has its internal content engine with a stock of 1,000 niche articles You can choose from this stock.

Step 3: Customize and Publish

Customize with a color theme of your choice. Add, delete, or edit pages including headlines, images, paragraphs, text blocks, bullet lists, dividers. You can also add buttons, links, and call-to-action areas. When all is done to your satisfaction and ready to publish online. Click “generate”. “Tap the publish button at the top of the dashboard: And your eBook is instantly published online. Within minutes, you have your ebook or lead magnet.

Best Sqribble Features

1. The ebook software is super easy to use: With its easy point and click technology. Click, design, publish. Instructions are easy to follow. Upon purchase, tutorial videos are on hand to guide you.

2. Professional designs are at your disposal. With 50 templates to select from, in 15 dominant niche categories.

3. Whiz ebook creation in 60 seconds. You can create very professional ebooks, reports, whitepapers in minutes.

4. Instant content: Sqribble has an automated content engine. There is no need for you to write content, Although, your priority to have your original content rides above accessing the content engine.

5. Sqribble is an online-cloud based software. Non techies can handle and easily maneuver through its extremely simple techniques. You can design, self build your own, eBooks, white paper, or reports. Photoshop or other expensive software are not needed to design your eBooks.

6. Commercial agency license. If you are a freelancer or agency, with clients to create professional eBooks, lead magnets, Sqribble provides a commercial license that normally costs $497, at no cost. No royalty fees.

You can service clients, offer eBook creation services; there is no limit to the eBooks you create and sell. Plus you keep 100% of the profits: This gives you rights to sell eBook designs, provide services to clients, with a service fee, for writing or formatting eBooks, and lead magnets.

7. Agency website – This is a professional website, worth $997, but is cost-free. Includes a quality portfolio, giving you a professional profile for prospective clients. Training is provided. Just update and give your name, email address. And upload.

Ebook Tools Inside The Dashboard:

  • Table of contents
  • Easy to edit the design with drag and drop
  • Add/delete pages
  • You can add your own images
  • 300+ Google fonts
  • 50 ready-made templates, divided across 15 categories
  • 10 different themes for ebooks creation. Change the color scheme with just one click.
  • Import images from a URL
  • Automatic headers, footers
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Sqribble Pricing

The regular Sqribble price is $197. Currently, the special launch price is $47 at 96% savings. At a limited time offer. Comes with a special offer of ready-to-use 300+ Google fonts. These are inside the Sqribble dashboard. Bonuses and launch price will last only for the duration of the promo period.

You are given 30 days, free trial period. And a money-back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with Sqribble performance.

Upsells and prices on OTO (One time only) offers

Upsells are not required to be able to create ebooks, but they are there if you want to upgrade your package. These are extra tools that may come in handy, depending on your project and usage needs.

Sqribble Professional Price – $97

An upgraded version. For heavy users who aim for variety, more content. Additional 150 professional eBook templates, graphics, more ready-made content for every niche. The best templates are in this version.

Remember that one template from stock websites can easily cost you $450.

Sqribble Prime Price – $47

For moderate users, your library becomes prolific. And makes you stand out from other users. Every month, you add 15 premium limited edition eBook templates to your Sqribble dashboard. The cost is equivalent to less than $2 for a template. Definitely cheaper than stock websites.

Sqribble Fantasia 3D Price – $77

Provides a 3D cover creation tool in your dashboard. 2D flat covers are transformed into 3D lifelike covers. You get to have Flipbooks, pages in your eBooks are interactive and animated like you are turning book pages in real life. These can be linked from any online location or embedded on web pages.

Auto Job Finder software will cost – $197

For those who will use Sqribble to create eBooks, lead magnets, and offer services. This locates jobs in freelance websites; notifies.

Sqribble PROS

  • Price is affordable
  • Unlimited creation eBooks, lead magnets
  • Host eBook and deliver on the Cloud
  • Create eBooks in various formats
  • Fast generation of eBook, lead magnets
  • Edit without restrictions
  • Various templates for specific niches
  • Professional, high-quality eBook design, format for lead magnets

Sqribble CONS

  • If content is taken from another material source, you must take responsibility to ensure materials are copyright-free
  • 3D cover is available only for Upgrade

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does Sqribble work on a Mac or a PC?

It works on any device with access to the internet; on many devices and operating systems, which include mainstream computers, mobile phones, tablets. Note that Best results are on desktop computers.

Can I upload images of my own into Sqribble?

100 MB of space is allocated for images you want to upload for your projects. Thousands of stock images, icons, backgrounds have been integrated for your use; at no added cost.

What types of files does Sqribble export?

Files in all major formats, namely MOBI, PDF, ePUB. You can request other formats needed. More file types are being developed by Sqribble.

Are software updates included in the price?

Updates are automatically included; no added cost. There are continuous updates of software, using the latest fixes and patches

Final Words – Sqribble Review

Sqribble gives you the power that all freelancer writers and even authors wish they had. The power to create an ebook fast and instantly provide value to your customers. Imagine the time, the money, and the sheer energy that you can save. With Sqribble, literally, 1, 2, 3, clicks, and you’re done. I strongly believe that every business needs to use some kind of lead magnet to attract the perfect customer, so now it’s up to you if you want to invest in this ebook software tool. Click on the button below to check it out.