Kajabi Pricing Plans (2023) ᐈ How Much Does It Really Cost?

Are you going to sell courses or digital products online? Then I’m going to show you why this all-in-one platform is going to be perfect for you. Here I will focus this article on the Kajabi pricing plans and the features you get with this extensive SaaS software.

For new start-ups or digital entrepreneurs, Kajabi should be a well-known platform. You may already know that Kajabi is popular and there are many good reasons for this. There is so much you can with this software. You can get all the essential tools under one roof so to speak.

You may be confused about choosing the right one. So, this guide will help you to figure out which one is the best for you.

Kajabi Pricing

If you invest in Kajabi, then you don’t need any other platform. It is one of the best course hosting platforms and also comes with so many valuable marketing features. But before I’m going any further, you need to know details about the Kajabi pricing plans.

Kajabi Pricing Plans

Kajabi comes with three different plans. These plans are:

  • Basic plan: $149 per month
  • Growth plan: $199 per month
  • Pro plan: $399 per month

Basic Pricing plan

As you can see, in this plan, you need to pay $149 per month. But while you are billing annually then, you need to pay $119 per month. It is your asset while you are offering various plans such as online courses, communities, resource centers, membership areas, and all. In this basic plan, you will get three pipelines and three products. These pipelines are very much beneficial for content optimization. This plan is streamlined and automated. So, you do not need to start from the beginning.

Here are some features of the basic plan

  • Limitless landing pages
  • 3 products
  • 3 pipelines
  • 10000 contacts
  • Limitless marketing emails
  • 1000 active members
  • 1 website facility
  • 1 Admin
  • So many webinars and events
  • Quiz and surveys
  • Chat support
  • Automation

This plan offers all these features. But if you are an advanced marketer and want to sell more then, this basic plan is not for you. But if you are a beginner in the start-up journey then, this basic plan is an outstanding option for you. You can focus solely on the course creation with the help of this plan. With this particular plan, you can create limitless landing pages and also send limitless emails to your clients. Apart from this, you can also get so many templates. You can also customize these templates as per your requirements.

Growth Pricing Plan

This plan costs $199 per month. But if you pay annually then, you need to spend $159 per month. In this tier, you can get increased products and pipelines. Above all, 10 admin active users can work at the same time. This plan offers you so many features such as affiliate marketing and also custom branding. Apart from this, you can sell 15 products and 15 pipelines as well in this tier. If you are not an advanced course seller then, this plan is enough for you.

Here are some features of this particular plan:

  • Limitless landing pages option
  • Limitless marketing emails facility
  • 15 pipelines
  • 15 products
  • 25000 contacts
  • 10000 active members
  • 10 active admins
  • So many webinars and events
  • Customized templates benefit
  • All-time chat support
  • Automation with advance facility
  • Affiliate marketing

Kajabi Pro Pricing Plan

For this plan, you need to pay $399 per month. But if you bill annually then, you need to pay $319 per month. With this particular plan, you can get the benefit of using Kajabi on three different websites.

This particular plan comes with so many features. These features are as follows:

  • 3 websites
  • 100 products
  • 100 pipelines
  • 25 active admins
  • So many events and webinars
  • All-time customer support
  • Customized templates
  • Advance stage of automation
  • Quiz and surveys
  • Affiliate marketing program
  • Facility to remove Kajabi branding
  • Code editor
Prices table

Final Words on Kajabi Pricing

Kajabi is not at all a free platform. You do not get any free features. But a trial version is available. The Kajabi pricing is available from $119 to $319. You can choose any of these plans. But if you bill annually then, the cost is quite affordable for you. If you are at the stage of course creation then, Kajabi is one of the best platforms.

So, you can take your business to the next level with the help of this particular online platform. You can begin with the lowest plan of Kajabi. After that, you can switch over to higher plans.

There are many other ways you could host online courses, so I want to recommend to you this article: Clickfunnels VS Thinkific. These are both fantastic ways to host courses or sell digital products, at a cheaper price than Kajabi. In the end, it’s up to you. You can’t go wrong with any of these software solutions.

They are all easy to use and have all the necessary functions. Price should not be your main concern when choosing software. It’s best to think about the features you need and the cost will be covered when you start getting your very first sale anyway. I wish you the best of luck, and please contact me if you need any help with this.