Kevin David net worth (2023) Wiki, Courses & Bio

Kevin David net worth

Kevin David has emerged as one of the biggest names in the world of online entrepreneurs. With his growing success as an entrepreneur and a bestselling author, people are curious about Kevin David net worth. Just like any other successful or aspiring entrepreneur, he started out with a strong desire to be his own boss and financially independent.

He has built his empire from scratch and within a very short duration, he became a successful businessman and gained worldwide recognition. Within 2 years, David created a popular name in the world of eLearning, Digital Marketing, and e-Commerce.

Who is Kevin David?

Kevin David became popular after creating ThatLifestyleNinja in 2017. He is the founder/CEO and he made it very popular worldwide in less than just 12 months. Before we get into the details about his net worth and more, know who he is. Kevin David is a self-made entrepreneur who has successfully built many businesses over the years.

In his childhood, Kevin used to love playing soccer. He admitted that his love for sports has helped him a lot in shaping up. It has made him much more goal-oriented and competitive in nature. All these have made him what he is today.

Besides the sports, Kevin has shown some well-known signs and traits of being an entrepreneur at an early age. He used to take all the advantages of any opportunities that came along in his way regarding business. He used to sell baseball cards and candy bars.

After he had graduated from the venerable college of Oregon State Honors College, he started his career as an accountant in an accounting firm named PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Portland, Oregon. Afterward, he got his dream job as a Privacy Consultant for Facebook in California.

But soon he started realizing that he wanted something more than just working for someone. This is followed by his decision to leave the job and started experimenting with online opportunities. He created gaming apps and wrote some website blogs too.

Finally, he found the Amazon FBA. Gradually, he became one of the leading Amazon sellers and then created many more online businesses. He has also created many eCommerce businesses and digital courses for his teaching passion.

Kevin David net worth

If you heard a lot about Kevin David, then you must be wondering about Kevin David net worth. Well, you are not the only one. After hearing his success stories and great achievements, many people are interested to know about the net worth.

Kevin David is a popular 8-digit multi-millionaire. Though no media or source can precisely say exact worth as he has not yet declared his total asset valuation, we can provide you with a rough estimation.

In the year 2016, Kevin David started out with his career in Amazon FBA where he banked in about $2.1 million. So, as of now, it is believed that his net worth will be somewhere between $5 million to $30 million. But, honestly, it can be way more than this if he has invested his money which we are not aware of.

Courses by Kevin David

Amazon course by Kevin David

After starting his journey and success as one of the self-made entrepreneurs, Kevin David soon realized his passion for teaching aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their journey in the business world. With a strong grasp on technical knowledge and years of experience, Kevin David wanted to start his own online classes to help the aspiring entrepreneurs to acquire knowledge and proper mindset. Some of the popular online courses by Kevin David are:

Besides these, he has also created some software tools to help entrepreneurs, digital marketers, etc. in different ways. He created software like: Marketer Magic, ZonBase, and ShopInspect.

Kevin David Wiki Table

Some of the details and facts about Kevin David are:

Kevin David

Full Name

Kevin David Hulse




Eugene City, Oregon

Year of Birth



Oregon State Honors College (Bachelor’s degree)


Founder & CEO of ThatLifestyleNinja and Creator of digital courses

Active years



Travelling, Gym and Reading

Favorite sports

Soccer and Basketball

Where To Find Him on Social Media?

Kevin David Twitter
Kevin David Youtube

Kevin David net worth – Conclusion

This article had the main goal to answer questions about Kevin David net worth, his career, and his journey from just an accountant to a multi-millionaire businessman. His life story is really inspiring and it can motivate many young minds and budding entrepreneurs who are aiming for something similar to do in their life.