Leadpages Pricing Plans (2023) – Features Worth The Cost?

Do you want to build high-converting landing pages? If, yes, then Leadpages will be one of your best choices. But what does it cost? This is my Leadpages pricing guide, which will tell you everything you must know about the different prices and what you will be getting in return for your investment. If you find this article helpful, I hope you would share it with a friend. That being said, let’s continue.

Leadpages Pricing

If you are looking for some of the best landing page software solutions, it is quite obvious that you will come across many options. There are dozens of such software products in the market. This is good provided you know how to choose the best and you also must be in a position to separate the grain from the chaff. Many customer reviews have quite a few positive things to say about Leadpages. It has become one of the most well-known and widely used landing page builders.

Particularly medium-sized and small-sized businesses have found a great use for the software. Leadpages is considered to be one of the most cost-effective ways to collect leads and also close sales based on such leads. The software is capable of helping you build the best landing pages, alert bars, and pop-ups easily.

What Are The Best Features of Leadpages?

Many end-users and experts who follow such products are comparing them with many leading products in the same category. Hence, it would be interesting to have a look at the features that it offers:

The Main Features of Leadpages

  • LeadPages landing pages: This is the primary and most important function of this page builder. It is easy to use and anyone who has used CMS and other theme-based solutions like WordPress should not find it too difficult to use. Its template designs were a bit antiquated, but over the years, they have been able to make some big updates on this front, and today the landing page templates look a whole lot better!
  • Pop-Ups: They also have a range of pop-up products that can be implemented on the landing pages or even on any other pages of your website. The good thing about these pop-ups is that it gets triggered when a person is likely to leave a website. Hence, it could help in catching the attention of users and create leads that otherwise might have escaped the attention.
  • Alert-Bars: It also offers the best of Leadpages Alert Bars. This helps you to send messages across without in any interrupting user-experience that is often a problem with pop-ups. It also comes with a mobile-friendly approach and this can provide the users with a simple solution. It could help add CTAs to your pages and this could help generate leads.

Is Leadpages Worth The Cost?

This is one of the most common questions that come to the minds of people whenever they invest in such products. If we take into account the features and functionalities and compare it with Leadpages pricing, it is quite obvious that the product offers very good value for the money. Let us look at the different pricing plans that LeadPages offer.

It has three different pricing plans and they are Standard, Pro, and Advanced. The billing can be either monthly, annually, or once in 2 years. Let us look at the pricing plans

  • Standard monthly plans are $37/month.
  • The annual plan works out to $25/month.
  • The 2-year plan will cost you $17/month.
  • The Pro monthly plan is $79/month.
  • The annual plan is $48/month.
  • The 2-year plan is set at 42/month.

The pricing plans for the advanced package are as follows: $321/month, $199/month, and $159/month.

When we have a look at the above pricing plans and compare them with let’s say the price for Clickfunnels, it is quite clear that the pricing plans of Leadpages are quite competitive. They work out cheaper and therefore it could be offering you the best value for money.

This Is Because of The Following Reasons:

  • Unlimited pop-ups.
  • Unlimited traffic & leads and Unlimited pages.
  • No limit or bar to a number of Alert Bars.
  • They also offer free hosting and also connect 1 domain.
  • You will find the 200 odd templates quite interesting.
  • The templates are responsive to mobile phones.
  • Standard integrations (40 plus).
  • You also get Instagram and Facebook Ad builder.
  • Weekly group coaching is available.

The above is for the basic standard plan. If the customers opt for the other two plans (Pro and Advanced) you can expect quite a few additional things. Their customer support is reliable and trustworthy and you will not be left alone in the lurch as it often happens with similar products in the market that also may come with a higher price tag.

Conclusion on Leadpages Pricing

pricing plans

When we take the above into account, there are many reasons to believe that Leadpages delivers on the promises that they make to their clients. They walk the talk in terms of performance, utility, ease of use, and last but not the least good value for money.