Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program – Best High Ticket Offer?

If you want to join the Legendary Marketer affiliate program, then this post is going to be a perfect read for you. I’m going to show you all the great sides of what this program has to offer, and why some are currently crushing promoting it online.

After reading this you will hopefully have decided if this is right for you, but if you are looking for a high-ticket commission based program, I truly believe this is one of the best ones on the market right now. Some of the products are based on digital info products, affiliate marketing, consulting, and coaching, as well as masterminds and events.

Introduction To Legendary Marketer

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Legendary Marketer is an affiliate program that is designed to help people in building a new online business, developing advanced technologies for marketing, or growing their present business to new heights.

This program teaches its members personal, marketing, and business skills required for making them more confident while dealing with highly competitive and ever-changing online markets.

This program enables its members to become owners of successful online businesses by providing them highly dynamic personalized coaching virtually, support of live mastermind events, and strong digital courses.

What Makes It Different From Other Affiliate Programs?

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program

The main thing that creates Legendary Marketer dissimilar to the other similar programs is the high-value content to its members so that they can easily promote this affiliate program and earn money online.

This training also provides internal business advisors to help its members to use their leads to make high valued sales without any additional efforts.

In other words, you can easily earn an affiliate commission of more than $1,000 after signing up someone with this program who can purchase the tickets for upcoming live events or its product Business Blueprint.

The person you will refer will remain attached to you for a lifetime because you are paying referrals. Such a strong system to make a lot of money online is rarely found in other affiliate programs.

What Does It Cost?

The Legendary Marketer cost starts from $7 and goes all the way up to $9,500. So, there are some low-ticket, medium, and several high-ticket products to choose from, as it is available in three bundles of Business Blueprint including

  • The cost of a premium starter package of Business Blueprints is $2,500.
  • Then you have the Business Blueprint and Mastermind that would cost you $4,500.
  • The cost of Business Blueprint and Coaching is $9.500.

If you are interested in joining the affiliate program of Legendary Marketer then you must have a website or audience so that you can apply for its membership after completing the challenge of Day 5, otherwise, your application can be rejected.

Moreover, due to legal reasons, you cannot buy any of the products accessible from Legendary Marketer as well as become its affiliate in several countries.

How Does The Legendary Affiliate Program Work?

The affiliate program of Legendary Marketer has 2 levels of different types – free and paid. The Basic level of this affiliate program is free and allows you to earn a lesser commission. However, the paid level is the Pro level that allows you to maximize your commission earning.

The Basic level of this affiliate program allows you to earn commissions for 10% but you can increase it up to a recurring 30% if you are a member of Marketer’s Club.

You can be a Pro affiliate marketer by paying $29.95 every month. It will allow you to earn a commission of up to 40% which can be increased by up to 60% by becoming a member of Marketer’s Club by paying an additional monthly fee of $18.80. There this option is highly recommended if you are serious about joining.

Also, if you want to earn more than $1,000 then it is recommended to join this affiliate program as a Pro affiliate. Just paying $29.95 per month is something most can afford.

Things included in the affiliate program of Legendary Marketer

You can access the things available in the affiliate program of Legendary Marketer once you have been accepted as an affiliate.

Things you get as an affiliate to Legendary Marketer:

  • Ready-to-use sales funnels with different affiliate links to the sales page, landing page, and checkout pages.
  • Retarget the referrals for your affiliate with Facebook ads by pasting your Facebook pixel.
  • Run targeted ads a list of Facebook ads of your interest is provided.
  • Follow up all the emails either you will have to allow Legendary Marketer to do it for you or you will have to integrate an email autoresponder to your funnels.
  • To promote this program as an affiliate you will be provided ad images, videos, and promos on social media.
  • Screenshots of testimonials and swipes of emails.

In the back office of your affiliate, you will also find several reports which will allow you to see the report of your commissions, leads captured by you, and the report of members of Legendary Marketer.

This affiliate program also offers a leaderboard containing all the top-level affiliates. You can also be one of them by accepting the challenge of earning the highest commissions within the last 7 and 30days.

How To Make Money With Legendary Marketer?

Make Money With Legendary Marketer
Here you can see some of the names of who are currently crushing it as an affiliate.

You can earn commissions by promoting the products offered by this affiliate program as an affiliate. However, before promoting its product you will have to buy them so that you can know them more closely and promote them more confidently.

Best Tips To Promote Legendary Marketer

Some tips are provided here under to help you in promoting the products of this affiliate program more effectively.

  • Do a case study through Traffic Rolodex: Traffic Rolodex is a course of this affiliate program that is available at different paid sources of traffic like Facebook Ads, Native Ads, and AdWords, etc. You can use some of these platforms to get the desired results. It can be easier for you to promote the products if you encourage your members to follow you.
  • Use challenges to share your experiences: The best way to share your experiences with your members is to display the benefits of accepting challenges by spending a few dollars yourself on them.
  • Use paid ads of Bing/Google to promote products: You can use several non-branded keywords to promote Legendary Marketer to reduce competition in affiliate marketing as they are not allowing you to use their trademark for this purpose.
  • Create groups for case study: Publishing your experiences with Legendary Marketer in a group on Facebook can also be a good way to promote this platform as it can increase the chances to earn higher commissions.
  • About the content create a YouTube channel: You can get a position in the leaderboard of Legendary Marketer by creating a channel on YouTube about what you want to promote. By making videos you can promote this platform more effectively.
  • Display videos inside your group on Facebook: Inside your Facebook group you can find easily accessible audiences with whom you can share your experiences with Legendary and encourage them to participate in the challenges offered by this platform.
  • Talk in this regard in your email: All the lessons and products you have fond in Legendary Marketer can help you to narrate a large number of stories to promote Legendary by using them in your emails.

    The best way to promote this affiliate program is by talking about the business challenges in your emails so that interested people can respond to it immediately. By adopting this approach you can certainly increase your conversion rate as well as commissions.
  • Use the affiliate link of ClickFunnels to promote Legendary: if you have an affiliate link of ClickFunnels then you can use it in your back office of Legendary and earn commissions from ClickFunnels also. The main reason for using the link of ClickFunnels to promote this platform is that Legendary has also used ClickFunnels to build its funnels.

    You can also use the strategies and principles of Russell Brunson even while going through the challenge for 15 days as he has also promoted ClickFunnels. If you know how to use ClickFunnels then it can be easier for you to promote Legendary in a natural way.
  • Add it to the list of pages of recommended products: You will have to create a list of the training programs and tools you may love to use to promote products, once you start working as an online affiliate.

    You can add this list to your affiliate pages if you can get better returns from Legendary. More and more people will follow your recommendations if you can increase awareness about Legendary Marketer.

How You Can Join The Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program?

Anyone cannot join this affiliate program, unlike other affiliate programs. One can join this program if his application is accepted by the creator and management of this program. At present one has to complete the 15 Day Business Challenge for up to day 5tobe eligible for applying to join this program.

However, you can also be accepted as its member without following an application process if purchase the upsell of Business Blueprint. You can immediately become a member of this affiliate program without applying for it if you buy the upsell of Business Blueprint Bundle for that day.

Final Verdict on The Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program

It may very well be the best high-ticket affiliate program out there right now.
It’s just my opinon though, you can make up your own mind on that.

Any affiliate marketer can get an amazing opportunity to be part of the Legendary Marketer affiliate program. The products offered by this platform are worthy enough to go through them. You can learn a lot of tactics through the training provided by Legendary so that you can implement them in your business to increase your revenue.