50 Awesome Passive Income Quotes

Do you want the best passive income quotes? We have 50 of them for you! These are some of the most inspiring and thought-provoking quotes about passive income that we could find. They will motivate you to reach your goals, no matter what they may be. With these quotes on your side, you can’t go wrong. There’s a quote in here for every personality type and situation, so try not to miss out!

50 Passive Income Quotes

Quote number one

“A penny saved is a penny earned.”

– Benjamin Franklin

This quote may seem obvious, but it’s worth keeping in mind. You might be tempted to spend all of your money today and worry about how you’ll make more tomorrow. The key to success with passive income is being disciplined enough to put some aside for later use.

Quote number two

“The passive income starts now.” – Tim Ferriss

This quote is a great reminder that passive income doesn’t just happen. It takes time, dedication, and life changes before it can be achieved. The investment in your future self today will pay off tenfold tomorrow!

Quote number three

“I live my dreams every day through the people I help to make those dreams come true.” – Oprah Winfrey

Passive Income is about more than making money; it’s about creating opportunities for others as well. This quote captures exactly what passive income means at its core: helping others while also living out your own aspirations and goals in the process. It’s not always easy but it should never stop you from trying either! Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been at it for years, there’s always a way to make passive money while living your best life.

Quote number four

Wealth is not about how much money you have in the bank account; wealth is all of those moments that we can’t get back. – Sophia Bush

Passive Income isn’t just about making more and more cash; rather than seeing Passive Income as an achievement, this quote reminds us that it’s also important to enjoy every moment along the journey towards success. Wealth doesn’t come from what we accumulate in our pockets alone; true wealth comes from feeling accomplished and fulfilled throughout everything we do!

Quote number five

I believe that one should live a passive life. – Paul Samuelson

The aim of this quote is to remind us that even though Passive Income can be satisfying, it’s important not to forget about the importance of living your best active life!

Quote number six:

“It’s better to live on a little and feel rich than to own everything and worry about losing it.” – Brian Tracy

Tracy reminds us that while passive income is satisfying, one should never forget the importance of living life actively! Passive Income can be very rewarding, but too much wealth can also strain our ability to enjoy every day.

Quote number seven:

“All work is active, not passive. It takes effort and energy to accomplish even the simplest tasks.”

– Jimmy Buffett

This quote reminds us that Passive Income isn’t always easy! One may have passive income in their life because they are doing something very simple, but it’s still work nonetheless.

Quote number eight:

“Do you know what passive income is? It’s called work.”

– Larry King

Larry King also reminds us that passive Income isn’t always easy. Quotes like this should remind people of the importance and value of hard work.

Quote number nine:

“Wealth is not about how much money you have. It’s about having enough to live the life you want without worrying too much about tomorrow.”

– Stephen Covey

A quote like this reminds us that passive income may be important, but it shouldn’t take over a person’s whole life. There are other things in our lives that are just as important.

Quote number ten:

“You might be working your fingers to the bone, but maybe that’s because you’re building a business or funding an education.

– Scott Adams

This quote demonstrates how passive income can apply to more than just money coming in from something like stocks and bonds. It also applies to people who may not have any other choice about where they work or what they study.

Quote number eleven:

“Passive income does not have to be huge, it just has to give you a little extra money for something that’s important in your life.”

– Wanda Urbanska

This quote points out the fact that passive income can come from many different sources and doesn’t always have to be large to be important.

Quote number twelve:

“Passive income is important because it allows you to do the things that you want, whether that spends more time with your family or hobbies.”

– Derek Frech

This quote points out two of the main benefits of passive income. The first benefit is what many people think about right away – having a steady stream of money without needing to trade hours for dollars on an hourly basis. The second point this quote makes is how passive income can be used in freeing oneself up from tedious work and potentially allow one more time for other meaningful pursuits like spending time with friends and family or pursuing their own interests.

Quote number thirteen:

“If someone spends 20 minutes writing a book then they’re going to feel pretty good knowing they did something that they wanted to do.” – Unknown

This quote speaks to the benefits of passive income in several different ways. First, it shows how people enjoy using their time as they see fit – doing what is most meaningful and important for them at the moment. Second, this quote highlights the sense of accomplishment one feels after pursuing a goal or project long enough to see tangible results. Finally, in line with point number two, these words speak to how passive income can be used to free up more time so that one has greater flexibility over where his or her time goes each day.

Quote Number fourteen:

“The problem when you’re poor is not just that you don’t make any money; It’s also related to all sorts of constraints on an opportunity that have nothing to do with money.” – Barbara Ehrenreich

Quote Number fifteen:

“The best job I ever had was one where I could be home with my kids during their waking moments and still pay our bills on time each month.” – Julia Childs

Quote Number sixteen:

“When you stop chasing money, it starts coming after you.” – Dennis Waitley

Quote Number seventeen:

“Money is only an idea. It isn’t real unless we believe it, so be careful what ideas your mind comes up with because they can come back to haunt you!”- Stephen Richards

Quote Number eighteen:

“Working hard for long periods will almost always result in more active income, but that doesn’t mean passive sources are useless.” – Peter Voogd

Quote Number Nineteen:

“The most powerful form of wealth-building today isn’t about earning a paycheck, it’s about what you know.” – T. Harv Eker

Quote Number Twenty:

“In today’s economy and in the absence of passive income opportunities for most people, so-called ‘self-employment’ is often an exercise in futility.” – Bob Clyatt

Quote Number Twenty One:

“I’m a huge believer that starting out with just passive sources can really be beneficial to your wealth-building because there are many years where you’re going to have low or no active income.” – Robert Kiyosaki

Quote Number Twenty Two:

“It was through multiple streams of passive earnings that I could take time off work without worry over how much we were spending each month. The more diverse my portfolio became, the better protected we became from any economic downturns.” – David Bach

Quote Number Twenty Three:

“I know of many very wealthy people who invest in passive income and never work. I also know a lot of people without much money that is spending all their time working.” – James Altucher

Quote Number Twenty Four:

“Earning passive income is like having your own printing press, with it you print unlimited cash flow every day, 24 hours a day!”- Robert Kiyosaki

Quote Number Twenty Five:

“If you want to be wealthy, don’t focus on making more money; instead create an investment portfolio outside your job that pays off big dividends over time.”

– Daymond John

Quote Number Twenty Six:

“I’m a huge believer in diversifying your passive income streams. Diversification means you’re not depending on just one source to meet all of your needs.”

– Donald Trump

Quote Number Twenty Seven:

“The best thing I’ve done for my career is investing in real estate. The worst thing I ever did was work for somebody else’s company and have them dictate what they wanted me to do with my time.” – John Paul DeJorque

Quote Number Twenty Eight:

“Look at the great businesses, like McDonalds or Walmart, there are no annual reports filed by these companies; yet their stocks trade every day! Passive Income!”- Robert Kiyosaki

Quote Number Twenty Nine:

“A job takes up your time, but passive income works for you. It’s not a matter of how much time it takes up.”- Robert Kiyosaki

Quote Number Thirty:

“You can collect the bricks from your own demolition if you will be building again anyway.”- Unknown

Quote Number Thirty One:

“I like to live in an area where I don’t have to worry about what I’m going to do on Sunday morning because there are plenty of activities available all week long!” -Robert Kiyosaki

Quote Number Thirty Two:

“My goal is that by 2020 my dividends exceed 100% of salary and bonuses combined.” – Peter Lynch

Quote Number Thirty Three:

“If you’re only working for one company, you’re not a free agent. You become their slave, they own your time.”- Robert Kiyosaki

Quote Number Thirty Four:

“Becoming financially independent is the only way to live life without regrets.”- Unknown

Quote Number Thirty Five:

“I have an office in my home and I work two hours per day from there. This enables me to be with my family for dinner at night which gives the quality of life’s most important aspect – caring relationships with others!” – Robert Kiyosaki

Quote Number Thirty Six:

“If passive income streams don’t make enough money back (through interest), then it’s best that the investor pays off any debts before making more investments in passive income.”- Unknown

Quote Number Thirty Seven:

“The passive income that I have is derived from my investments, and they are all conservative in terms of risk.” – Robert Kiyosaki

Quote Number Thirty Eight:

“You don’t need lots of money to start investing; you just need a modest amount to begin with!” -Robert Kiyosaki

Quote Number Thirty Nine:

“People want passive income because it produces freedom.” – John Lee Dumas.

Quote Number Fourty:

“A good way for someone who has never made any type of passive income before is through buying properties!” – Unknown

Quote Number Fourty One:

“Passive income is the end goal of all working people.” – Unknown

Quote Number Fourty Two:

“Your passive income should be a minimum of your basic expenses!” -Unknown

Quote Number Forty Three:

“The only way for me to have passive income was through investing in something that would generate more than one return on my investment.”- John Lee Dumas

Quote Number Forty Four:

“What I do with my passive income, because it’s already generated and I can’t spend any more time or energy on it is just reinvesting it back into other streams and projects that’ll make even more money down the road.” -John Lee Dumas

Quote Number Forty Five:

“Passive income is what I call the money that comes in from any source other than working for somebody else.” – Gary Vaynerchuck

Quote Number Forty Six:

“To me, passive income is just having your hard work pay you over and over again. And it’s not like a one-time thing — it keeps paying you.” – Gary Vee

Quote Number Forty Seven:

“The best way to have passive income? Be born into rich parents!” – Unknown

Quote Number Forty Eight:

“A lot of people think “passive income” means they can sit back and relax when really they need to be putting more time and energy into their business or job .” – Unknown

Quote Number Forty Nine:

“What is passive income? It’s money you earn while doing nothing.”- Unknown

Quote Number Fifty:

“The more I think about it, the more passive income makes sense. Even if we only have a few hundred dollars to invest each month, that can still lead to tens of thousands in passive investments over time.” – Niraj Dawar

Quotes on passive income conclusion

There you have it. Lots of inspirational words on money and how successful people think about passive income. I hope you have enjoyed the quotes and will take something away from them.

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