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Russell Brunson is one of the most successful digital marketers and entrepreneurs to live on this planet. And with success comes a lot of interest in the person behind it all. Here we will go deeper into Russell Brunson net worth, his entrepreneurial life, and some of the products he has created over the years. He has been able to reach success by doing some incredible things, which an ordinary person cannot even think of doing.

Hence, it is worth to take a look at his life and figure out how he was able to achieve such great things. Then we will almost certainly be able to learn a lot from his life.

Who is Russell Brunson?

Who is Russell Brunson

In simple terms, you can define Russell Brunson as a digital marketer, author, entrepreneur, speaker, coach, husband, and father. He has been lucky enough to generate a fortune from all the establishments that he developed in the past. He has been working in the online marketing industry for many years. During those years, he has been able to learn lots of things about the industry.

On top of that, he has been able to act as a mentor and provide his assistance to a large number of online marketers and entrepreneurs as well. You will be able to find a large number of online marketers and entrepreneurs, who have been able to secure success with the support offered by Russell.

Russell Brunson was born in the year 1980. A city called Provo located in Utah was his hometown. While growing up, he quickly developed his interest in doing business. This is where he started to develop marketing skills.

During the younger days, Russell Brunson was dealing with television ads, radio ads, and emails. He wanted to learn something out of every single opportunity that he came across.

Apart from marketeering, Russell had an interest in wrestling as well. In fact, it eventually became one of his favorite hobbies.

As of now, Russell Brunson has been able to start numerous successful business ventures. On the other hand, he has published some of the most effective sales techniques, which online marketers and entrepreneurs can use in order to achieve success.

He is a giant in the online marketing arena. He has also published numerous successful books that are related to marketing.

Russell Brunson Net Worth Revealed

Russell Brunson Net Worth
The numbers below about Russell Brunson net worth are not official numbers by any means.

As you already know, Russell Brunson currently owns the well known Clickfunnels software company. He is the publisher of numerous top-selling books. He is a coach and a host of many events as well. Therefore, he has been able to secure lots of success financially. So, what’s Russell Brunson net worth, you might wonder? Well, that is not that easy to get completely right, but we can give you an estimate.

Russell Brunson didn’t become a millionaire with ClickFunnels. In fact, he was a millionaire before even he founded ClickFunnels. However, the fortune that Russell later made, was built around him using the software and taking his businesses to the next level with ease.

By taking all the factors into consideration, we can assume that Russell is generating an annual revenue of around $20 million to $40 million. Along with that, we can assume that the net worth of this successful entrepreneur to be at $50 million.

However, he has not published any information about the net worth in any online forum. So you need to look at these numbers conservatively and that they are probably higher. Please note that these numbers are our best estimates at the time of this writing in 2020.

Russell Brunson & The Story of Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is the most successful business venture made by Russell Brunson. This highly innovative all in one software application provides excellent help for all entrepreneurs and marketers, that want to create sales and marketing funnels from the ground up.

Clickfunnels is the best method available to develop a sales funnel. If a marketer follows the traditional approach to develop a sales funnel, he will end up spending his time, effort, and money in vain.

Such inconveniences can be eliminated with the support offered by Clickfunnels. People just need to do some configurations and they will be able to end up with developing fully functional and effective sales funnels.

This sales funnel building software was launched back in the year 2014. From the very first year, it has been able to secure lots of success. For example, it was able to secure getting 10,000 paying customers within the very first year. After a period of three years, ClickFunnels was able to secure 50,000 customers. Along with that, the company was able to secure an annual revenue of $100 million as well.

As of now, 95,000 active individuals are seeking the assistance of Clickfunnels. It has been able to deliver positive results to a large number of businesses located around the world as well.

Want to try Clickfunnels for yourself?

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Books and products offered by Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson is offering numerous products to business owners and marketers. It is worthy to take a look at those products and see what can be obtained from them. On the other hand, it is also possible to get a better understanding of the success of Russell Brunson based on these products.

dotcom secrets book

A book named Dotcom Secrets was published by Russell Brunson back in the year 2015. This book shares all the information on how to drive more traffic to your website. Along with that, you can follow the book and learn how to increase the total number of conversions that you are getting as well.

Likewise, Russell Brunson has created numerous courses that the entrepreneurs and online marketers can follow. 10X Secrets Masterclass is the most prominent course out of them. He is sharing a step by step process on what you will be able to do in order to secure a growth conference through this book. He is sharing the strategies that could help him with securing his success. You just need to follow them and end up with securing better results.

Russell Brunson is an event host as well. He is generating a decent revenue by organizing events, such as Funnel Hacking Live and 10X Growth Conference.

To summarize, Russell has been able to secure huge success and wealth with network marketing, information products, a supplement business, book publishing, software development, affiliate marketing, high tickets, and webinars.

Russell Brunson FAQ

Does Russell Brunson run a podcast?

Yes, you can find his Apple podcast listed as “The Marketing Secrets Show”. He can also be found on Spotify.

Where does Russell Brunson live?

Russell Brunson lives with his family in Boise Idaho. This is also where Clickfunnels has it’s headquarters.

Is Russell Brunson married?

Yes, is married to Collette Brunson.

How old is Russell Brunson?

As of this writing 39. He was born in 1980.

How can I contact Russell Brunson?

Like most entrepreneurs, it can be hard to reach him directly. Your best bet would be to try and contact him on one of his social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, or Twitter.