Sales Funnel Stages With The AIDA Model

Learning about the sales funnel stages and the customer journey has become quite important in the world of marketing. The AIDA model is extremely effective and easy to understand. Hence, you can think about applying it to your sales and marketing efforts and receive amazing results in the long run.

One of the primary objectives of AIDA is to provide you with the assistance needed to generate better quality leads from the sales and marketing efforts, nurture the leads you generate until they generate revenue and how to develop long-lasting relationships with them.

What exactly is the AIDA model?

sales funnel stages

The AIDA models represent the different stages of the sales funnel, which the buyers go through before they make a purchase from a business. You will be able to get your prospects to go through the sales funnel with the AIDA model and provide them with a perfect experience.

Along with the perfect experience you deliver, you can get them to become revenue-generating customers of your business with ease.

The sales and marketing funnel based on the AIDA model has four different steps. They include Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action. Let’s deep dive and go through the different phases in detail.

Explaining the four stages in a sales funnel with AIDA model.

The AIDA model is a well establish and highly regarded marketing method, that you really should focus on if you want better results. It is perfect to use with sales funnels.


The very first stage is awareness. You need to create awareness about your company, your products and your services through sales and marketing efforts. This includes brand awareness as well. Then you will be able to get the potential customers to get to know about your brand and what you are offering through it.

The marketplace is crowded and you can find numerous other brands who are offering the same services as you. You need to try your best to create your own presence within this crowded marketplace. Then you will be able to get attention to what you offer and assist people to recognize the unique values associated with the brand.

In order to create awareness, you need to understand where the prospective customers are. Then you should come up with appropriate marketing techniques to make your business visible to them. This is where you need to take a look at the different channels and tools that you will be using for marketing as well.


The second stage is all about creating interest among potential customers to purchase what you offer. This is where you can highlight the benefits that are linked with the products or services that you offer. Then you will be able to encourage the potential buyers to do more research about them and understand those benefits on their own.

You should be creating high quality content in order to create interest. You should also engage with the prospects and try your best to create interest.

In case if you have the budget, you can think about running paid marketing campaigns, such as social media marketing campaigns and PPC campaigns in order to create interest as well.


Once you arouse interest, you need to crate desire among the potential customers to purchase the products. This is where you should start building strong relationships along with the prospects. In here, you need to make sure that you are offering something enticing to the potential customers.

Then you will be able to assist the prospects in numerous ways. It can be a checklist, a cheat sheet, a recipe, a discount, or even an eBook.

You need to make sure that you get the contact details of the prospects, who show an interest about the business and products or services that you are offering through the business. Then you should think about developing a strong relationship along with them.

You should also keep in mind that people will not just leave their contact details unless you provide something valuable to them. This is where you can think about rewarding the prospects through any of the methods as we discussed above.


The final stage of sales and marketing funnel that you develop with AIDA model is action. When you have the contact details of the prospect, you will be able to move forward with developing the relationship. In here, you need to understand that your primary objective is to generate a sale.

The stage will take a considerable amount of time to provide you with positive results. However, you should wait patiently until you start experiencing the positive returns that are sent on your way.

Another great way to look at the different sales funnels stages can be seen in this video. The most important thing to remember that just like with sales funnels, it’s all about the customer journey.

Final Words On Sales Funnel Stages

You should also implement email marketing campaigns during this stage. Then you will be able to engage with the prospects with ease. You will also be able to get the prospects to contribute positively to your business through these actions.

Moreover, you should think about providing valuable information to the prospects as much as possible as well. Moreover, you need to be proactive in answering their queries as well.

If you can keep these four stages in mind, you will be able to develop a sales and marketing funnel with the AIDA model to receive amazing results.