Traffic Secrets Review (2023) ᐈ Book By Russell Brunson

Traffic Secrets Review

Want more traffic to your websites? Then this traffic secrets review is going to be the perfect match for you. The life of any online business depends on the traffic it receives.

Every digital entrepreneur should be constantly trying new strategies to generate leads and sales. Some will rely on organic search engine optimization, while others depend on social media marketing for lead generation. There are many different ways to generate traffic online.

But what if you rely on just one method, then it suddenly crashes one day? Does your business also go down the drain? How do you navigate the highs and lows of traffic generation?

We all know the risks of relying on only one source of traffic may pose to a business. No matter how effective and efficient it may be, there are pitfalls you must avoid. Again, we must acknowledge that no amount of traffic is ever enough.

Therefore, you must diversify your sources to get even more each day. Hopefully, this traffic secrets review will teach you everything you want to know about this book. Keep reading. But first, let’s talk about the author.

About The Author Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson book author

Russell Brunson is a renowned author and digital entrepreneur who co-owns ClickFunnels. The sales funnel software has more than 0.1 million users and has a value of approximately $ 300 million as per Forbes statistics.

As an author, he has published two bestselling entrepreneurial books, namely DotCom Secrets and Experts Secrets. These books are regarded as a must-read for any growing entrepreneur by other marketing gurus. Do his principles work? Yes. As proof, Russell made $ 3 million within 2 hours during a 10X Grown Conference.

What Is This Book By Russell Brunson All About?

The book should not be confused with Traffic Secrets Course. However, the book borrows some valuable principles from the marketing course. Generally, the book describes proven strategies of sourcing traffic for your sales funnel or online business.

Russell, who has worked on the book for two years, says Traffic Secrets Book shows the processes ClickFunnels has practiced over the years and drawn tens of millions of users to their sites monthly.

Given the works published by Brunson previously and his character of always adding value to his followers, his new book is a gem worth your investment.

Traffic Secrets Review: Book Contents

Just as the name goes, this book contains Russell’s top secrets for getting more traffic for businesses that depend on online platforms for success. Here are the tips:

Part 1: Your Dream Customer

  • Ascertaining who your dream customers are and beginning an interaction with them. This helps you to understand their needs or expectations so that you can serve them efficiently.
  • Identifying your dream customers’ favorite destination on the digital platform so that you can pull them to their channel
  • How to get the attention of your dream customers amidst the numerous customers despite their purposes for being online
  • Ways of getting your business message right before the eyes of your dream customers and finally turning them into your permanent traffic.
  • The best way to cushion your business against search engine algorithm changes and other online challenges.
  • The other major trick for sale conversion entrepreneurs doesn’t know.
  • How to get partners who will get you more traffic, promote your products, and assist with customer service plus marketing.

Part 2: Fill Your Funnel

  • Getting lots of traffic from other places where dream customers are ‘hiding’ and leading them directly into your funnel without a hassle at no cost.
  • Getting consistent in marketing and attracting tons of visitors to your funnel
  • A 5-minute daily strategy that gets your dream customers onto your ‘following list’ on social media platforms.
  • Using the largest social platform on the planet to bring your dream customers into your space
  • Leveraging Google search engine so that clients find your products even if they have never interacted with you before or are looking for some other competitor.
  • A six-step guide on creating authentic and outstanding content for your audience. The secret Russell has used for ClickFunnels.
  • Getting ahead of the traffic trends and conquering the marketing storms.

Part 3: Growth Hacking

  • The landing page style and design that makes PR agencies send traffic to your business so that they can learn from you and get your assistance.
  • Learning three strategies that help you tap into the distribution channels of other businesses and get new customers. The shark from the shark tank principle.
  • The game plan for getting marketers to work; promoting your products, but you only pay them a commission for sales.
  • Funnel traffic conversion phases; from low uninterested traffic to vibrant users who buy your products and market on your behalf.
  • Unraveling the little hinges that swing huge doors in business upscaling.

Should You Get And Read The Traffic Secrets Book?

Traffic secrets book

The marketing strategies in this book are a buildup on the author’s previous books, which are DotCom Secrets and Experts Secrets. Therefore, the Traffic Secrets book is a valuable asset for any entrepreneur, but it is more beneficial to those who have had a grasp of the principles in the other books. Russell’s trio brings out the basics of a successful online enterprise, with each giving marketing a different approach.

Traffic Secrets Book Price

The book is free, but for it to reach your library, you will pay for the shipping. This varies with the location as it will cost you $9.95 within the United States, while outside the U.S, the cost is $19.95.

How Do You Get The Book?

free book on traffic

During this process, you can also claim other free bonuses which brings the total value to $412.95.

Traffic Secrets Audiobook

This is a digital version of the new book which is available in the Traffic Secrets Book sales funnel and is priced at $37. The fantastic thing is that the audio comes with four additional bonuses that include The Invisible Traffic Funnels, Funnel Catcher Report, The Perfect Webinar Hack, and The 7 Day Launch Funnel.

Traffic Secrets Live Event Recordings

This a recording of Russell’s 2-day private event during the $ 25,000 per year students’ program where he unearthed unheard of traffic secrets. Also available in the Traffic Secrets book sales funnel, the live event recordings cost $97.

The Secrets Trilogy Box Set

This is a combination of all the three books published by Russell Brunson, which comes with another bonus of Unlock The Secrets book. Its total cost is $97.

The Secrets Trilogy Audiobooks

When reading is not your thing, but you still need to get the nuggets, the audio versions of the three books will cost you $74.

The Funnelytics: The Funnel Mapping Tool that you can consider for your business. Useful in forecasting the performance of a sales funnel and tracking real-time events.

Claim Your Copy of Traffic Secrets Now

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Final Traffic Secrets Review


Fred Blanke

– A fantastic book on how to generate traffic online.
Easy to read and follow


A great book for entrepreneurs at all levels. Russell Brunson teaches how to generate traffic in a user friendly and fun way in this book. Since the book is free, there is no excuse not to read it either.


Now that you have gone through this traffic secrets review, you probably see that this training could be of great value for anyone who wants to get traffic online. And if you are ready for this, then you are interested in this. There is so much value in this book, and for the price of just shipping, you owe it to yourself by getting this fantastic book by Russell Brunson, before he decides to put a price tag on this offer.